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Basketballs & Hammock Falls: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

With everyone still dealing with #CannesComedown, we’ve rounded up the five best ads you might have missed from the last seven days.

This week’s selection is a summery bunch, with Tesco Mobile prepping us for a holiday, and Volkswagen encouraging us to play outside. We’ve also got a weird moment with a cat, an appearance from living-legend Danny Glover, and the return of the femvertising juggernaut #LikeAGirl.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy.


5. Volkswagen – Volksparking

This slightly bizarre ad from Volkswagen might seem totally conceptual – but its fascinating, movable basketball hoop is 100% real. The spot, which takes a swipe at the increasing gentrification of urban spaces, shows off a hoop which has in-built sensors and moves around parking lots as spaces become available. It’s an undoubtedly impressive and intriguing piece of branding from the German car manufacturer.


4. Tesco Mobile – Smile, You’re On Tesco Mobile

Ads based around summer holidays are always immediately relatable. We’ve all sat behind a screaming kid on a plane, and we’ve all roasted in the sun for just a little too long. Tesco Mobile hits both of these beats, and more, in a simplistic but funny ad that highlights the benefits of its summer-long European tariffs.


3. Sheba – What Cats Want


So, yeah, this ad from Sheba is a little weird…uncomfortable even. It’s part-homage to an old ad of theirs from the mid-90s, and part a send-up of that friend who’s just a ‘little too attached’ to their cat. Predominantly starring a bloke stumbling around his kitchen in his underwear after his feline friend disturbs his date, it’s definitely one you won’t forget in a hurry.


2. Samsung – Time


The latest ad from Samsung for their S7 Edge has the brand’s usual stylish and cinematic feel. It even riffs on this theme as its runs through various ‘we’re running out time!’ cliches, including a starring turn from Danny Glover, proving that he’s still not too old for this s***.


1. Always #LikeAGirl – Keep Playing


Two years ago, Always launched its #LikeAGirl campaign, and simultaneously propelled the notion of ‘femvertising’ into the mainstream. Since then, Always has continued to produce ads that highlight the stereotypes that many women are subjected to. The latest video focuses on sports and the way young girls are often discouraged from participating and competing in activities which are seen as ‘too masculine’.