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#CannesYouFeelIt – How Are You Feeling Today?

When it comes to advertising, emotions really do matter. You only need to watch some of the ads tipped to walk away with the Film Lions Grand Prix this weekend to see that.

Tears, laughter, surprise, shock…and that’s just German supermarket Edeka’s excellent Christmas ad! As the pioneers of #EmotionalAdTech, it’s something Unruly knows all too well.

We have been tracking video ad sharing since Unruly was founded way back in 2006, and have seen first hand how brands and agencies have changed their approach to emotional advertising. Of course, emotional advertising has existed for years, but awareness of the scope, plus the uses and amplifying effects of emotion has never been so prevalent within AdLand.

Questions which previously could only be answered with woolly statements about positive feeling have now been made a lot clearer by our ‘Science of Sharing’ white papers. Through our partnership with leading academics, we have also launched our ShareRank algorithm, which predicts shareability by (among a number of other things) analysing an ad’s emotional impact, and Unruly Custom Audiences, which allows advertisers to connect with the consumers most likely to emotionally engage with a specific video..

No one gets more emotional about advertising. So who better to ask delegates at the biggest advertising festival of them all (that’s Cannes Lions, just in case you were wondering) how they were feeling through the strategic use of cushions?


Well, we are Unruly.