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These Are The 10 Most Shared Football Ads Of All Time

Euro 2016 officially kicked off this weekend. In celebration, and because we’re Unruly, we thought we’d run down our list of the 10 most shared football ads of all time.

The Beautiful Game has always attracted beautiful ads, but our top 10 list shows off some truly awesome ideas. The diverse approaches taken by agencies and brands is testament to the inspirational power of the sport. I’m just hoping it rubs off on the England team this year!

Unsurprisingly, our list is dominated by three brands: Nike occupies five of our 10 spots, while Pepsi and adidas both have two apiece. But things are not always so predictable. We’ve already seen a few movers and shakers this year from some unlikely brands, so who knows what next year’s list will look like?

In the meantime, enjoy!


10. Nike – Winner Stays

Shares: 267,008


9Nike – Cristiano Ronaldo Leaves A Vapor Trail

Shares: 268,955


8. adidas – Unfollow ft Leo Messi

Shares: 724,855



7. adidas – Create Your Own Game

Shares: 793,683



6. Pepsi Max – Oh Africa

Shares: 907,246


5. Diet Pepsi – Unbelievable David Beckham

Shares: 1.06 million


4. Nike – My Time Is Now

Shares: 1.12 million


3. Nike – Write The Future

Shares: 2.28 million



2. Nike – The Last Game

Shares: 2.45 million



1. Activia – La La La (Brazil 2014)

Shares: 6.1 million