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The Best Branded Vines Of May 2016: Holograms & Family Plans

We all understand that limitations drive creativity, forcing us to overcome challenges and be inventive with our solutions. Nowhere is this more evident than Vine, whose short-form nature encourages brands to think outside the box.

That’s why we think it’s worth celebrating those brands that really ‘get’ the platform and can constantly surprise and impress us. So without further ado, enjoy our selection of the 6 best branded vines from May 2016!


6. Disney Family


With Vine’s main demographic skewing slightly younger than other social media platforms, it makes sense that the world’s biggest children’s brand has found a home there. Disney produces a range of 6-second content for Vine, including simple recipes and fun activities like this sweet how-to papercraft video.


5. Mashable


Mashable’s digital focus means its got a pretty killer social presence, it also means this Vine that celebrates the 26th birthday of everyone’s favourite fruit-mad yellow sphere makes perfect sense for the publisher.


4. Amazon


Amazon have been getting pretty serious about using Vine to promote their Amazon Echo product, and this latest video shows off their robot pal Alexa answering some pretty existential questions!


3. Fiat USA


Fiat worked with influencer/comedian/dad Josh Darnit to produce this instantly relatable chunk of content promoting their 500x model.


2. Nintendo & Sergio Luis


Fans of Nintendo’s Star Wars-inspired Starfox series have had to wait 10 years for the latest instalment in the long-running series, Starfox Zero, and their excitement definitely shows in this cool video from Sergio Luis – complete with bitesize special effects.


1. Microsoft & Lawrence Becker


Microsoft made headlines in May unveiling a bunch of features for their upcoming Augmented Reality device- the Hololens. As part of this push a range of Vine-stars created their own AR-inspired animations in celebration of the new technology.