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Cannes Countdown – 10 Sessions You Can’t Miss At #CannesLions

We’re only 22 days away from Cannes Lions 2016, and another week closer means another post in our Cannes Countdown series. Last time we looked at the ads that might take home gold, but what about the events, sessions and conferences that make up the rest of the week?

Cannes is full of more speaker slots, learning experiences and seminars than you can shake a golden lion statue at, but how do you know which ones REALLY matter? We’re here to help.

We’ve narrowed down the list to 10 key sessions that you’d be a fool (or just hungover) to miss.


1. BLOCK YOU: Why World Class Creativity Will Obliterate Ad Blocking

Monday 20 June, 12:15-12:45 @ The Forum (Audi A)

You won’t want to miss this keynote, hosted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s CEO Randall Rothenberg, which will focus on how creativity and technology can be used together to counter the adblocalypse.


2. How Drones and 360 Video will Change Creativity

Monday 20 June, 14:00-14:45 @ Debussy Theatre

The hype around drones, 360 video, VR, and combinations of the above has reached fever pitch. Join our friends from MOFILM as they discuss the seemingly-boundless possibilities these technologies represent, and how brands can utilise these tools to immerse and surprise their audiences.


3. Anna Wintour in Conversation with Christopher Bailey

Tuesday 21 June, 10:00-10:45 @ Lumiere Theatre

Hosted by Condé Nast, this talk between Anna Wintour and Burberry’s Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Bailey is guaranteed to be an interesting one. Wintour, the Editor of Vogue and the Artistic Director of Condé Nast, will discuss the challenges facing creative teams today and the secrets to cutting through the noise.


4. StarTrek Beyond: Retelling an Iconic Story for a New Generation

Wednesday 22 June, 10:00-10:45 @ Lumiere Theatre

After the runaway success of the first two entries in the rebooted series, the cast and crew of Star Trek: Beyond discuss the challenges of reviving and modernising a beloved property in this panel hosted by MEC and Paramount Pictures.


5. The Future of Brands

Wednesday 22 June, 11:00-11:45 @ Lumiere Theatre

This session on how brands and marketers need to adapt to the fast-changing, hyper-connected world around us, hosted by Unilever CMO Keith Weed, is a must-see. Join the ‘soap and soup’ giant as they discuss the power of collaboration, community and the crowd.


6. Snackable, Unskippable Content

Wednesday 22 June, 11:30-12:00 @ The Forum (Audi A)

Twitter’s Jennifer Prince and Elias Plishner host this discussion on the future of entertainment marketing, and how Sony Pictures Entertainment is creating short, ‘unskippable’ content for the large and small screen.


7. A New Wave of Digital Disruption Models

Wednesday 22 June, 15:00-15:30 @ Innovation Forum

This talk, hosted by Thales Teixeira of Harvard Business School, will explore the concept of “decoupling”, and discuss how businesses of all sizes are using digital technologies to disrupt their industries.


8. Sponsored Content is Awesome! (Except When it Sucks)

Wednesday 22 June, 16:00-16:30 @ The Forum (Audi A)

In this session on sponsored content, Onion Inc. CEO Mike McAvoy will explore the pros and cons of native advertising models, and how publishers can keep their integrity whilst integrating a variety of brands.


9. Raising the Creative Bar

Thursday 23 June, 15:00-15:45 @ Lumiere Theatre

Join Marc Pritchard, Procter & Gamble’s Chief Brand Officer, has he discusses how the world’s largest advertiser continues to raise the bar on creativity to build successful global brands in 2016.


10. All You Need is Time and Sleep

Friday 24 June, 14:30-15:30 @ Lions Lounge

And finally, something a little different. After all that sun, rosé and networking we could all do with a little break. This session hosted by Leo Burnett Romania’s Chief Creative Officer Razvan Capanescu will focus on how prioritising time, and counting sheep, can increase creativity.


We’d love to see you at Cannes! Ping us if you want to connect cannes@unrulygroup.com