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#100DaysToRio: Watch The Most Shared Olympics Ads Of All Time

It’s officially 100 days to go to the Rio Olympics – and we could not be more excited here at Unruly. So as advertisers approach the final sprint, we thought we’d look back at the top 10 most shared Olympics ads of all time.

Over the years, the bar has been set pretty high, but this is the Olympics. Brands will be going all out to be Faster, Stronger and Higher this summer, so we are fully expecting some new ads to be joining the list over the next few months.

One definite contender is this new P&G ad, released today to coincide with the #100DaysToRio milestone. It’s a great ad, and the brand certainly comes with a rich Olympic heritage, with gold, silver and bronze spots in our top 10 all taken up by the CPG brand.

But which other brands also made in onto the top 10 podium?

Let’s find out!


Top 10 most shared Olympic ads of all time

  1. P&G – Thank You Mama – Best Job 2012 (Summer 2012) – 2,445,774 shares


2. P&G – Pick Them Back Up (Winter 2014) – 694,834 shares


3. Canadian Institute For Diversity And Inclusion – Luge (Winter 2014) – 318,529 shares


4. Nike – Find Your Greatness Commercial: The Jogger – (Summer 2012) 198,527 shares


5. adidas – Team GB Don’t Stop Me Now (Summer 2012) – 196,665 shares


6. Channel 4 – Gay Mountain (Winter 2014) – 132,932 shares


7. EDF Energy – EDF Energy Feel Better Energy TV Advert feat. Zingy Together In Electric Dreams (Summer 2012) – 116,252


8. P&G – Thank You, Mom | Tough Love |Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games (Winter 2014) – 100,013 shares


9. Mini UK – All stand please for the MINI horn section (Summer 2012) – 84,520 shares


10. Nike – представляет:Just Do It – PLAY RUSSIAN (Winter 2014) – 81,496 shares