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10 Top Programmatic Quotes From AdWeek Europe

It’s been a busy week at Advertising Week Europe, with talks on everything from Snapchat to AI. However, one subject that was on the lips of everyone at the Picturehouse this week was programmatic advertising. 

The four-day event was kicked off with a talk titled ‘The Programmatic Evolution” on Monday afternoon, and the conversation didn’t slow down for the rest of the week! And with good reason, with more than half of all online video advertising in Europe expected to be traded programmatically by 2020 (source: SpotX). 

But what were people saying? Well, we have put together the best quotes around programmatic at #AWEurope.

So check out our round-up of quotes below – and get with the programmatic.



“Programmatic buying will be a subset of the automated movement – everything that can be traded programmatically will be.”

Oli Whitten, Interim Head of International at The Rubicon Project


“Simplification will be key to the adoption of 100 per cent automated trading… we need to make things easier for people.”

Theo Theodorou, EMEA Managing Director at xAd


“Machines need to better value things like design and environment.”

Nick Hewat, Commercial Director at Guardian News and Media


“A large proportion of Sky media is not yet programmatic, but that’s changing.”

David Fisher, Head of Digital at Sky Media


“Data, tech and content should be used to put the human audience at the centre of what we do with programmatic.”

Ruth Zohrer, Head of Programmatic Marketing at Mindshare


“If we want to avoid a race to the bottom, it’s key that technology and creativity are better aligned. To realize the potential of the programmatic infrastructure, we need to ensure there’s a high-quality content stack in place  – and that can be challenging with the dizzying array of  formats and platforms to choose from.”

Sarah Wood, co-CEO & co-Founder of Unruly


“Over the last years we’ve been experimenting with programmatic, but we also went the other way and decided we had to allow certain advertisers to buy in the traditional broadcast way.”

Jonathan Forster, VP Sales EMEA at Spotify


“Programmatic guarantees executed with data will make a difference.”

Katie Eyton, Head of Operations at Manning Gottlieb OMD


“This year 50 per cent of our revenue will come from 10 per cent of our (digital) inventory”

Martin Corke, UK Sales Director at Clear Channel


“Successful brands are those who understand the balance of story-telling & programmatic.”

James Harris, Global Chief Digital Officer at Carat