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Publishers Address Ad Blocking At Pub Talk Live In NYC

The age of interruption is over.  Ad blocking continues to be the most talked about topic in the ad industry this year, with ad blocking use reaching record levels.

In fact, according to a new eMarketer report, ad blocking has grown 35% quarter-over-quarter globally. The US has one of the lowest ad blocking adoption rates at 9%. But that doesn’t mean that publishers can sit back and relax. So what are the options available to publishers to take back control of their ad revenues?

We gathered with top publishers to answer these questions and more for the first of our Pub Talk Live event series. Moderated by Unruly co-CEO Sarah Wood, we were joined by Rory O’Connor, from Marketwatch, David Burrick, from AOL, and Bichoi Bastha, from Dailymotion.

If you weren’t able to join us in New York, we’ve pulled out some of the highlights for your viewing pleasure.



Q: How have things changed? What do you do differently now than you did 3 years ago?


Q: Where do you stand on viewability? What do you think about the latest Publisher Primer from the IAB?



Q: Unruly’s Future Video survey recently found that the biggest drivers to ad blocking is consumers seeing too many ads and ads following them around the internet. How are you handling ad blocking?



Q: Do you feel brands are prepared to pay extra for viewability?



Q: How do you measure the quality of content that appears on your site? And how do you apply the same principles to your advertising? Does this become more relevant now that native is mainstream?