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Basketball Courts & Denim Shorts: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

It’s been another busy week in the world of advertising. Apple has continued to rule the charts, and we saw the long-awaited return of the #EpicStrut- so let’s run down the best 5 ads out there!

This week’s batch of freshly-baked ad goodies includes Kobe Bryant in his final starring role, an unorthodox contraception commercial and the return of everyone’s favourite ‘is-it-CGI-or-not’ dancers. So without further ado, let’s get stuck in.



5. Nike – The Conductor


Although it might have gone unnoticed in the UK, one of basketball’s biggest names, Kobe Bryant, played his final game on Wednesday night. The 37-year-old Lakers player has been a figure of controversy throughout his career – simultaneously everybody’s most hated, and most loved player. As the curtain falls on Bryant’s time on the court, many of the brands he endorsed over the years have decided to pay tribute. Nike has a storied history with the athlete, and decided the most fitting way to celebrate him would be a musical – naturally.  The self-aware spot features Bryant’s fans, not-so fans, colleagues and team-mates wishing him a fond farewell while singing the song “I’ve Been Hating You Too Long To Stop Now” – which is about as apt as you can get.


4. Sagami – Act Of Love

Sometimes ads come along that are just obvious. The same ideas; the same thought processes. “Act Of Love”, from condom manufacturer Sagami, is not one of these ads. The 2-minute ad has a charmingly simple concept: humans doing courtship dances from the animal kingdom. And it’s surprisingly effective, with participating couples impersonating the mating rituals of foxes, cranes and flamingoes – among others. It’s always interesting to see the marketing efforts behind products that are inherently awkward to advertise – so you have to take your hat off to Sagami.


3. Apple – Dillan’s Voice


It’s fair to say Apple has been on a bit of roll recently. From its comedic spots with The Cookie Monster and Jamie Lannister, to its unstoppable collaboration with Taylor Swift – we’re left wondering, what next? That’s why this moving short video is such a welcome surprise. With limited branding, Apple tells the story of Dillan, a non-verbal, autistic boy whose life was transformed by an iPad that reads out whatever he types in. This is, in fact, Dillan’s second time in the viral limelight, as his middle-school graduation speech (which is featured in this spot) was widely shared back in 2013. There’s not much more to say other than Dillan’s story is truly inspiring.


2. Gillette – Gillette Club


After the success of shaving subscription services in the US, such as The Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s, it was only a matter of time before the big brands got involved. Gillette is the first UK shaving brand to show an interest in the new model, and has launched its ‘Gillette Club’ service with a great new spot that plays around the idea that the deal is so good, it must be dodgy. Riffing on gangster-movie clichés, the ad features a young crook who convinces his boss that razor blades coming in at such a great price is an offer they really can’t refuse.


1. Moneysupermarket – #EpicDanceoff


It’s the moment we’ve all be waiting for. The return of the most complained ad campaign of 2015, Moneysupermarket’s #Epic series. This time round the ad features all three of Moneysupermarket’s weird mascots. Dave the twerking office worker, Colin the pole-dancing builder and Gary the body-popping bodyguard all make an appearance and, you guessed it, participate in a dance-off. It’s hard to judge Moneysupermarket for these ads, after all, people certainly remember them.