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Taylor Swift Falls And Jason Statham Brawls: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

 It’s Friday!! And that can only mean one thing. OK, several things admittedly. But one thing it definitely means is that it’s time for our weekly round-up of the video ads you simply have to watch. 

That’s right, we’ve spent the week watching the best, and worst, of what the web has to offer- and we’ve picked out five essential ads from the last seven days you should definitely see – so you don’t have to.

In this week’s batch of advertising goodies we see Taylor Swift fall on her ass, a blind man trying to put out a fire and Jason Statham in a dress.

So relax, pull up  a chair and enjoy!


5. LG G5: Jason Statham Commercial

Ever get the impression Jason Statham is in everything at the moment? I know I do. Turn on Channel 5 and all you see is his bald head shining back at you. Go to the cinema and at least one of the movies probably stars the English action star. Well, a new ad from LG could well provide the reason why that is happening. You see, it seems there is more than one Jason Statham. One that looks like a middle-aged woman, one that looks like a baby, one that looks like Jason Statham but with hair. Or maybe it means that everyone is Jason Statham. That’s right, you think you are your own person, but you are actually a middle-aged action star who stars in rubbish action movies. Yep, this nightmare scenario was brought you by LG. Thanks LG. Time to go home and turn off the lights.


4. Sodastream: Heavy Bubbles

Every seen The Mountain in Game of Thrones? If you haven’t, he is basically a guy the size of a house who could probably benchpress the moon if you asked him nicely. But how did he become the strongest man on Earth? Well, you may think it was a strict protein diet and lots of lifting weights. But it’s actually from drinking SodaStream’s new sparkling water, Heavy Bubbles.


3. Integration – I Am Not Asking To Be A Firefighter

A slapstick video featuring disabled firefighters trying to put out a house fire may seem like an odd way to promote a new Polish website which connects employers with disabled jobseekers. But then as one of the would-be firefighters puts it, “I’m not asking to be a firefighter… I’m a designer.” The campaign has already attracted a lot of interest worldwide, and even forced Polish politicians to acknowledge some of the issues facing disabled jobseekers.


2. Coca-Cola – Hilltop Remastered 

Coca-Cola’s 1971 ad Hilltop is one of the most iconic ads of all time. It was so popular when it was released its soundtrack, “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”, became a hit single. It’s even a major plot in the TV series Mad Men finale.

As a treat for Coke fans (and Mad Men fans too), the soft drinks brand has now done a remastered and colour-corrected version of the famous ad for 4K television and launched it on YouTube. For the full story, click here.


1. Apple Music – Taylor VS Treadmill

Think Taylor Swift can do no wrong? Guess again. Sure, the singer may have sold millions of records, won tonnes of awards and even taken on the might of Apple – and won. But can she sing along to her favourite tracks while running  on her treadmill? You might as well be asking a goat to play the oboe. And the fact that she is willing to fall flat on her face (literally) to help promote Apple’s music service? Well, that is a surprise. What isn’t a surprise, however, is that the ad has attracted almost a million shares since its launch and could well be on course to be come one of the most shared ads of the month. Should make it easier to Shake it Off.