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Gadget Plans And Waiting Room Bans: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

After a week watching the best (and worst) video ads on the web, we’ve picked the five essential ones for you to watch. 

In this week’s round-up we have a pop star surprising two unsuspecting fans, a waiting room that lets you mull over big decisions, and a gadget history timeline from Samsung.

So without further ado, here is our weekly round-up of the five ads you should watch right now.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

5.Prudential Singapore 

Can staring at someone for 4 minutes really improve your relationship? That’s the question posed by Prudential Singapore in its latest campaign. And just to put the theory to the test, it did just that by filming people in Singapore taking part in staring contests with each other. The results are quite surprising and genuinely heart-warming.


4. NSPCC & The Times



The Times – in partnership with the NSPCC and Unruly – has created an ad which tries to offer parents advice on how to speak to their kids about terrorism in the wake of the Paris terror attacks.

It follows a steep increase in Childline calls from children concerned about terrorism following the shootings in France. The ad features parents fielding questions from their children while watching footage of the Paris attacks on Sky News and is well worth a look.


3. FAD.es

The Spanish Foundation Against Drug Addiction has released a striking campaign showing people endlessly waiting for the right moment to make an important decision. Waiting for the right moment is a social concept that has taken over our thought processes in recent years. However, FAD wants you to act on those decisions now so that your brain doesn’t turn to drugs. The ad was such a big hit in Spain, the ad has since been translated into English to attract a wider audience.




Samsung has created a brilliant ad mapping its product history throughout the years, right up to the Gear VR headset today. The ad – called ‘Unpacking Samsung’ – is a nod to the hugely popular trend of videos showing consumers unpacking new tech products.


1. Asics


It’s not even March yet and we have already seen a load of sportswear ads released this year. However, few are as powerful as this ad for Asics. Many people exercise and play sport for a specific reason. But Asics is asking its viewers to ‘Want it More’. Their idea is that in order to be an athlete you have to want it more than likes on social media, all night parties and cake – a pretty tough choice if you ask us.