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Unruly’s Future Video Manifesto: How Publishers Can Beat The Ad Blockers

Trust in advertising is at all-time low. When we ran our recent Future Video Survey, we found that 97% of internet users don’t have complete trust in advertising, while half don’t have any trust in advertising at all. 

Some of the main causes of this was that two-thirds (63%) of viewers find it creepy when ads follow them around the internet, while 61% are annoyed and put off a brand when they are forced to watch ads. So it is any wonder that consumers are turning to ad blockers, with 90% of the people we surveyed admitting they would consider using ad blocking software in the future?

So what can publishers do about it? Well, rather than block people using ad blocking software from reading their websites, we have created Unruly’s Future Video Manifesto for Publishers, which gives publishers tips to follow to help beat the ad blockers.


These include:

1. Less Is MoreUse Fewer Placements To Reduce Ad Fatigue And Fewer Ad Tags on Each Placement To Improve Page Load Times

Fewer ads per page and fewer ad tags per placement means less clutter, faster page loading and happier readers. Here’s a tip: use Tealium – it’s a great way publishers can deploy a single tag, but get the data that would come from many.


2. Implement Polite Placements That Users Will AcceptNon-Interruptive Ads Via Polite Page Loading, Content Loads First, Ads Load Second

Publishers should work with companies that provide asynchronous ad calling. Let the user see the content first, then bring in the ad second. Unruly’s ad formats load after the content on the page so they will never slow down the user experience.


3. Empower Consumers With Your Ad Formats Let Users Control The Advertising Experience

Put viewers in the driver’s seat. Let people minimize, pause, mute and close the ads. Especially if they’re video ads. Let people interact, replay, talk about and share the ads. Let people give feedback on the ads, especially if they don’t like them. And finally, use crystal clear disclosure. This is about trust, not trickery. All Unruly ad formats allow users to opt in or opt out, and we offer many engaging features within the player to increase dwell time on your site. Ad blocking is on the rise because it allows people to take control. Beat it by giving everyone control of the ad experience.