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The 10 Best Quotes From #CES2016

CES might be over, but another exciting year for tech and innovation has only just begun!

Unruly was thrilled to have attended this year’s event in Las Vegas, and from what we saw, Virtual Reality, 3D printers, autonomous vehicles and wearable tech are sure to dominate conversation throughout 2016.

But for those of you who were not there, we’ve picked 10 of the top quotes from the event:

 1. “We are just beginning to break down the barriers so the world’s best storytellers can reach audiences all over the world.” – Reed Hasting, CEO Netflix


2. “Digital is not a destination. It’s a foundation.” – Ginni Rometty, CEO IBM


3. “Technology is ready now for great virtual reality to be mass marketed, and to deliver a comfortable, compelling experience.” – Brendan Irbe, CEO Oculus


4. “Every day is a new invention. For brands to stay relevant, innovation and transformation is essential for survival.” – Emanuel Seuge, Senior Vice President of Content at Coca-Cola


5. “It’s no longer just about activating television, it’s about digital – and specifically mobile.” – Alison Lewis, Johnson & Johnson


6. “So if you change someone’s behavior by what they see, and what they can experience as if they are actually there, if you can affect your feeling and thinking, you can amplify their understanding, and then imagine harnessing that kind of power in the service of the story.” – Kevin Spacey


7. “Openness, interoperability, and cross-industry collaboration: these fundamentals will underpin the success of the Internet of Things.” – Dr. WP Hong, President Samsung


8. “We want to be able to target and to authentically integrate into programming – to get more creative in advertising.” – Kristin Lemkau, CMO JP Morgan Chase


9. “As we go forward, there’s no question at all, we live in a digital world…all media will be digital media.” – Wenda Harris, President MediaLink


10. “The consumer ad experience could be a lot better…it’s an area for innovation.” – Tim Armstrong, CEO AOL