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Pumpkin Shakes And Sketchy Takes: 6 Branded Vines You Should Watch Right Now

Here it is, your weekly fix of six. Vine is becoming an increasingly important platform for brands looking to engage with today’s trend-spotting, web-savvy audiences.

Perfect for those of us with short attention spans. But finding the best content isn’t always easy. So to help, we’ve pulled together the cream of the attention-grabbing crop.

This week’s top 6 include neat references to childhood favourites & clever time freezing footage.



6. Arby’s


The American sandwich chain Arby’s consistently comes out with some brilliant Vines, so picking our favourite of the week isn’t always straightforward. But this Vine was the cream of the crop. Showing the primary ingredients and mixing it with shots of the finished product is an eye-catching and widely popular (when done properly) creative device on Vine.


5. Engie


After a recent rebrand, the French energy company Engie (formally GDF SUEZ) released a charming advert to promote their new corporate image. Included in this is its slogan ‘by people, for people’, with the concept of streets being the new galleries. With this in mind they’ve worked with Vine artist Ian Padgham to create a short time-lapse of Einstein’s portrait, much to our approval, giving it the number 4 spot in our weekly favourites!



4. Twitter Japan


The Japanese branch of the social media giant Twitter has got us into the Christmas spirit this week with this ‘Christmas box’  Vine, tactfully uploaded on December 1.



3. DiGiorno Pizza


A host of Vine stars including Mannon Matthews and Sarah Hopkins  this week teamed up to sell DiGiorno Pizza. Making Vines all day can be hungry work. Luckily for these stars, they’ve got DiGiorno Pizza on their side.


2. Disney Pixar


This week Disney Pixar paid homage to fan favourite Monsters Inc in this brilliant Vine. We welcome more animation/ human hybrid Vines from them in the future!


  1. Samsung


This week’s no.1 Vine comes from Samsung and @tubagustubitru, a well-known designer of snappy Vine videos. Cleverly cutting images from pen to paper to digital, it’s well worth a look.