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Baby Wipes And TV Plights: 5 Video Ads You Should Watch Right Now

After a week watching the best (and worst) video advertisements on the net, we’ve picked the five essential ones to watch.

Brands have jumped on the Thanksgiving bandwagon and created some hilarious/powerful ads this week.  Our top five ads take will take you through a range of emotions; nostalgic sweets, binge eating infants and disinterested cats are sure to send you to a good place just as we begin the weekend .

So without further ado, here is our weekly round-up of the five ads you should watch right now.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


5. Huggies: Baby’s First Feast


We know that laughing, screaming, crying and happy babies in any advert is a great way to draw attention. The proven formula is used time and time again by brands; including Pampers which featured in top spot in our July ad round-up. Huggies has taken centre stage this week with their Thanksgiving related advert, painting a very accurate picture of the food related mayhem that revolves around Thanksgiving for our American comrades.


4. Quality Street: First Signs of Christmas

Mulled wine, a certain Mariah Carey song and arranging the annual office party? Do these things make your feel Christmassy? According to Quality Street the first signs of Christmas come in the form of a box of Quality Street Chocolates. This playful ad incorporates a long-held tradition of  having those colourful wrappers misplaced throughout your house over the coming weeks.

We love the connotative work between the first snow day and that of the chocolate wrappers by creative agency J. Walter Thompson giving it position number 4 on our weekly chart. Whilst we might not be seeing any snow this Christmas, we’ll be sure to be scoffing chocolates.


3. Temptations: Say sorry for the holidays


CATS, glorious cats. The internet has never been one to shy away from hilarious clips of our feline friends and pet food brand Temptations has taken this on board and has created an ironic Christmas ad showing us the impact our festive spirit has on our pets. Those of us who are familiar with decorating just about anything in our homes during the holiday season will know that our pets just don’t reap the same satisfaction we receive. Instead, they’d rather something to eat – preferably from Temptations.


2. Samsung – Happy Accidents


Samsung’s Happy Accidents ad (released just in time for Black Friday mayhem) shows our thought process when it comes to justifying a new purchase. The ad itself follows the storyline of people ‘unintentionally’ forcing them to buy a new TV (the Samsung SUHD TV to be precise) by breaking their current ones. Considering that it’s human nature in being clumsy even at the best of times – this ad will instantly take you back to situations where your beloved pieces of technology have been in similar danger.


1. HP – Reinvent Encouragement

In a continuation of HP’s rebrand/ reinvention campaign  the global tech firm along with creative powerhouse BBDO have produced an incredibly emotive advert that is sure to warm your cockles this Friday. The ad follows the story of a boy and his father using the power of printing to show mum all the encouragement she needs. It is sure to resonate with the majority of viewers and that is why it has secured top spot in our weekly ads to watch.


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