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Back To The Future Special: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

In a very special edition, we celebrate Back To The Future day along with hundreds of brands around the world. October 21st 2015 – which was the massive online event everyone knew it would be and more. 

Great Scott! It’s all the product placement brands have been waiting 30 years for. Brands of all shapes and sizes tried to get a slice of the action, but after a week watching hours of Back To The Future videos, we’ve picked the five essential ones to watch so you can spend the rest of your time enjoying the reruns of the film series destined for every other TV channel this weekend.


5. Pepsi


Pepsi takes to the future only they could imagine. It’s full of flying cars, hover boards and a certain pair of self-lacing shoes. This ad has basically been 30 years in the making. In the film series the cast drank Pepsi Perfect, a variant of Pepsi with added vitamins, so on BTTF day, they announced a limited run of Pepsi Perfect would be available in a collector’s case. Sadly, it’s still got real sugar in and there’s no vitamins in sight.


4. Universal Pictures

You couldn’t celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Back To The Future trilogy without a mock hover board ad. For this one, we thank Universal Pictures who called on the services of probably the raddest guy in the history of the universe. How fitting.


3. Pepsi Max


In one of the coolest stunts to hit London, PepsiMax and Uber partnered up to give users the ride of their lives. A lucky few managed to book a driver to pick them up in the uber-cool DeLorean from the movie. The footage simply makes itself and generated lots of buzz online. This was a surcharge Uber users had no issue in paying. It’s worth noting that they weren’t the only cab service to partner on such a stunt. Verizon & Lyft offered a similar one in New York, but Pepsi’s footage was way cooler.


2. Burger King


The burger giants joins in the celebrations in style. Is it fake? “No, it’s the future!” they proclaim. The future of fast food. We’ve all been there, you order your food, turn around to take a seat and it’s ram packed with fellow burger-loving fans. Well, thanks to BK your problems are over, behold (or be-hover) the Hovertray!



  1. Toyota


The biggest ad of this special round-up comes from Toyota. Fueled by the future, the Toyota team have taken things to the next level with the ultimate BTTF ad. The 5-min spot let one lucky engineer meet The Doc and Marty as they reminisced about the predictions the film originally made.

Toyota cleverly used this milestone in history to announce that their new Toyota Mirai uses the Mr Fusion piece of technology from the film, basically meaning they can recycle rubbish and transform it into energy to run this car. Neat, right!

For any BTTF buffs, this has it all, the set, music and stars. A must see this week.