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Hamster Friends And James Bond Ends: 6 Branded Vines You Should Watch Right Now

Now that Vine is playing a larger role in marketers’ content strategies, grabbing viewer attention in the first few seconds has never been more important. In this cut-throat world of snack-sized media,  content remains king.

However, it’s not always easy to stand apart from the competition. So if you were wondering which advertisers are coming out on top, we’ve got you covered.

With just 6 seconds to impress, creativity is key, and this week’s top videos show brands just how it’s done. This week, we’ve got hamsters playing Friends and the epic adventures of BatDad.



6. Hewlett-Packard

Pro-Viner Jason Nash calls on his inner 007 with the help of HP to save the day.

Nobody has time for interruptions when looking at kittens on YouTube.


5. ilovesurveys.com

Usually when you see ads for those “make hundreds of dollars online now” ads you think it’s just spam, so kudos to this survey site for changing it up by using Vine.

*signs up and gets ready to make it rain*


4. Lowe’s

It’s almost that time of year when it’s acceptable to enjoy scaring the hell out of people and not look like you’ve lost your marbles.

Our favourite DIY store on Vine, Lowe’s, has the perfect carving hack to give the kids a spook they’ll never forget.

Go hard or go home!


3. Mashable

What’s a great remedy to get you through Hump Day? Hamsters, that’s what.

And not just ordinary hamsters. Oh no, hamsters playing a character from everybody’s favourite 90s sitcom, Friends. Although this could have hit giga-giggle levels if one of them had sported a Rachel “do”, it still gave us a massive smile.

Thank you, Mashable.


2. Amazon Underground

BatDad is undoubtedly the most epic dad on Vine. You can literally (and I have) spend hours watching his hilarious escapades with his kids – and that’s saying a lot when the videos are only 6 seconds each!

This time the devious dad plays hide and seek with his cheeky children to promote free games on Amazon, and the results are too damn cute!


1. Google

Meagan Cignoli demonstrates that her creative side is not just limited to creating unique short-forms by creating a host of costumes for Google Apps.

We caught up with the Cannes Lions winner back in January to talk about the top Vine predictions for 2015.