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10 Best Quotes from Advertising Week 2015

Advertising Week has come and gone. After a week of sessions, panels and more industry networking than anyone’s schedule can hold, one thing is clear: ad blocking is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Yes, you couldn’t attend a single session without ad blocking coming up, and rightfully so. When it’s anticipated that publishers will lose $22B to adblockers this year (PageFair), it’s not surprising that it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

So are we on the verge of an “ad-block-alypse?”  Luckily for advertisers, we don’t think so. In advance of Advertising Week, Unruly launched the Future Video Lab to help fight ad blocking, the scare tactic du jour.

So, in additon to ad blocking (by far the most talked about topic at Advertising Week), what else were people saying? Here are the top quotes that stood out to New York Unrulies during this year’s Advertising Week

1.“Consumers will be willing to pay more money for personalized, customized experiences.” Bonin Bough, Mondelez

2. “Branding is a symbol of ownership. An icon is a symbol of belief. The brands who know what they believe, know how to behave.” Gordon Bowen, Mcgarrybowen

3. “There’s no need to block relevant ads.” Loren Donahue, Starcom

4. “Sequential ads across multiple devices is a good way to approach dwindling attention.” Kelly Bennet, Netflix

5. “90% of users are now using smartphones while watching TV.” Margo Georgiadis, Google

6. Ad Blocking is nothing more than someone saying your advertising sucks.” Sharon Napier, Partners & Napier

7. “Advertisers need to wake up to ads that we would miss if they we’re gone.” Seth Godin, Author

8. “Advertisers need to earn the right for user attention. No more forcing users to watch ads to get to the content.” Seth Godin, Author.

9. “Culture moves faster than innovation.” Nigel Morris, Dentsu

10. “People are spending too much time talking about ad-blocking and not enough time figuring out why people want to block ads.” Jim Stengel, former P&G CMO