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Unruly NY Celebrates Future Video Lab Launch

To celebrate the launch of our Unruly’s Future Video Lab as well as Unruly’s partnership with the new Centre for Digital Video Intelligence at the University of South Australia, Unrulies, brands and agencies gathered at Unruly’s US HQ in New York during Advertising Week last week.

During one of the busiest weeks in advertising in New York, almost 100 executives from agencies, brands and publishers (including some of our new News Corp family!) joined to learn more about the future of video advertising.

After guests grabbed a cocktail (suitably named Ads on the Beach and Emotion Potion), our guest Dr. Karen Nelson-Field from the CDVI kicked us off by dropping some truth bombs around viral videos. As she put it, “when media moves so fast, hype replaces best practice”.

Deputy Vice Chancellor Research and Innovation, Tanya Monro, then took to the stage to shed light on ways academics and businesses can come together to develop real-world business solutions that are rooted in data and analytics. “It’s about asking the right questions to begin with. Solutions grounded in research and analysis will follow, but it’s the setup and the why that counts,” she explained.

Unruly’s co-CEO Sarah Wood gave a preview of the Future Video Lab to guests to reveal how to combat the “ad-pocalypse,” or as someone suggested – the “adBLOCKalypse” – in the face of a rising surge of ad blocking among users. According to the Unruly Future Video Survey, 30% of US consumers are likely and 22% are very likely to use ad blockers in future, while a total of 90% would consider using them in the future. Unruly co-founder Wood said: “The key to reconnecting with consumers is to forge an authentic, emotional connection, and make advertising a more collaborative experience. The data in the Future Video Lab, helps brands to power up their video content and ensure their video distribution strategy doesn’t alienate the very audience they’re trying to attract.”

The Unruly Future Video Lab provides brands and agencies with an interactive overview of the online video ecosystem, customized real-time data for brands and agencies and best practices on how to use targeting and distribution strategies to cut through the clutter and deliver ads that beat the ad blockers and earn consumer attention. You can download the survey findings and Unruly’s Future Video Manifesto below. If you would like to book a tour, please email labtour@unrulygroup.com.