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Sex For Moms And Autumn Songs: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Siri goes to prison, the Danes have sex for their mums and Nike finishes last in a marathon. Yep, only in AdLand!

There’s nothing us Unrulies love more than great online content and lucky for us we get to spend our days watching, tracking and sharing the most awesome videos on the planet.

So without further ado, here are the ads we enjoyed most this week.



5.  Spies Rejser – Do It For Mom

The last thing you’d want to think about when you’re, as Kool & The Gang say, “getting down on it”, is your mother.

However, Danish travel company Spies Rejser thinks otherwise. Why? Well, because Denmark is suffering from its lowest birth rate ever, meaning there are a lot of upset would-be-grandmothers out there.

So, while I’d advise the Danes to go on a sun holiday to boost their libido (sure, why not?), I most certainly will not condone any high-fives with Mom after a busy night!


4.  Netflix / Apple – Siri, Do You Love Us?

The ladies of Litchfield are back! But this time, there’s a new dame in detention. And she goes by the name Siri.

In a playful Orange Is The New Black scene released by Netflix last week, Crazy Eyes and Tastee come across an iPhone in their bunk and a bout of existential questions towards Siri ensues in a way that only the feisty duo would know how.

Don’t get your hopes up too soon though as this isn’t a sneak preview of Season 4, just to promote a Netflix app on the iPhone/iPad.



3. Umpqua Bank – The Seed And The Moon

I’ve a special place in my heart for animations and this short story about growth hits the spot.

You’d never think that this Dr. Seuss-style film was by a bank, but it goes to show you that just because you’re a “boring” brand, doesn’t mean you need to produce boring content.


2. Waitrose – Make This Autumn Be The Warmest Season

Autumn is here. Suddenly it’s harder to get out of bed in the mornings, the air is crisp and everyone around you is coughing and spluttering in your face on the bus to work.

All fluey matter aside, Waitrose’s warm new spot reminds us that this time of year also means something marvellous – ’tis the season for comfort eating! And who better to sing us into gluttonous glory than our favourite little Pooh, Winnie!

So remember, as we all fill our tummies full of warm food, rest assured that it’s now perfectly acceptable to put on those extra few pounds to keep us warm at night. Happy eating!


1. Nike – Last

It’s easy for sportswear giants to employ celebrities to endorse their products. But how relatable are those ads to the viewers? It’s safe to say that most of them aren’t toned, trained athletes but rather average Joes and Janes just trying their best to keep in shape.

A key takeaway from our Future of Video Advertising Survey is that viewers appreciate authenticity in advertising and Nike’s latest spot, Last, is a great example of this.

The ad champions a lady in last place in a marathon who is struggling but keeps on going.  Looking at the comments on YouTube, it’s clear to see the emotional response it evokes in those who can relate with the protagonist – a double whammy for Nike as emotions are absolutely crucial to advertisers.



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