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Indifferent Huskies And Chicken Nugget Munchies: 6 Branded Vines You Should Watch Right Now

1,2,3 may be as easy as a,b,c but 6 is a whole different story. It may seem impossible to produce impressive content that only lasts 6 seconds but some brands have absolutely nailed it on Vine.

So what’s their secret? Well, creativity is key. I’ve rounded up 6 brands whose short-form content shone through this week to show you how it’s done.

Get ready for 36 seconds of unimpressed dogs, a whole new meaning to pizza deliveries and some boozy travelling.


6. Di Giorno

Known for his usually innocent humour and sensational singing voice, popular Viner Thomas Sanders brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘food baby‘ in this strange six-second spot.

I’m not sure if this is slightly cannibalistic, but now I have a massive craving for a pepperoni slice!


5. Travel Channel

Jamie Costa is known as the impersonator of Vine. The talented Viner took to the platform to promote Season 2 of Booze Traveler as none other than Disney’s favourite pirate, Jack Sparrow!


4. Coca-Cola 

Dschwen gives Coca-Cola the tinfoil treatment for this loopy Vine.

By using stop-motion effects, the Minneapolis creative studio transforms the classic glass bottle into aluminium ahead of the special edition bottle launch in Brazil.


3. Mashable

Mashable and Pepsi are calling on Viners to get creative with recycled materials for their project #RecycledArtwork.

Don’t worry if you haven’t botany skills to make a flower like the above. Just by taking part you can kill two birds with one stone and be an eco-friendly hipster!


2. Subaru

Steel the Husky is infamous for his indifference to pretty much everything, thus making him a particularly tough candidate to impress for Subaru’s #MakeADogsDay campaign.

At least his owner got a great Vine out of it!


1. Burger King 

If BK knows how to do one thing right, then it’s knowing how to make me do a 180° on my diet in just six seconds.

My God, those nuggets look good.
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