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Teary Faces And Boat Chases: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Spokespeople who refuse to speak, beer-filled Bond boat chases and a football-themed aria. It could only be Adland!

There’s no one who loves watching the most awesome social videos on the planet than us. So after a week of trawling the Open Web for the most engaging and creative content out there, we’ve compiled a list of five best video ads so you can use your time on the net wisely…. like watching cute compilations of baby goats.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


5. Pepsi – Pepsi’s Unlikely Spokesperson Marshawn Lynch

Off-field, NFL star Marshwan Lynch is well-known for one thing in particular (no, not his penchant for Skittles), his complete disdain at speaking to the media.

With that is mind, the Seattle Seahawks running back had one condition for filming an ad with Pepsi…

As they say, silence is golden!


4.  Kleenex – Tiny Miracles

Kleenex really knows how to make you need their product – by hitting you with one hell of an emotional ad!

Back in June, the tissue brand melted our hearts when it introduced us two ‘Unlikely Best Friends’, an ad that is now the 11th most shared ad in the last year with a massive 1,707,674 shares.

This week, the brand has us all teary-eyed again, as we see a group of grateful parents surprising a very special nurse who looked after their sick babies in intensive care.

Seriously, get the tissues ready!


3.  AT&T – Fletcher’s Drive – It Can Wait

This short film by AT&T opens up like a motion picture: a coach motivating his football team before they go out on the pitch, eerie music trickling in as old TV shots of a star player are shown. We are then presented with the life of an extremely talented athlete who had everything ahead of him. Until he took his eyes off the road for one second.

However, this is not the movies. This is the true story of Flether Cleaves, a talented football player from Memphis who became paralyzed from the chest down in a car accident on the same day he was announced as a starter for his university football team.

The spot is a stark reminder that these things don’t just happen in the cinema and how it is so important to always keep your eyes on the road.


2.  Heineken – The Chase

It would appear that Daniel Craig is taking a few pages out of Sir Roger Moore’s book and embracing the lighter side of Bond.

While Miss Moneypenny is busy being chased along London’s iconic Southbank in a dramatic spot for Sony, Heineken has decided to take a different approach and add some cheese to the mix for their partnership with the Spectre film.

Get ready for an epic boat chase with hat-throws and, of course, a beautiful lead lady.


1. EA Sports – FIFARO

EA Sports has launched FIFA 16 with a glorious homage to the ‘beautiful game’. Set to a footie-tastic rewrite of Figaro’s Aria from The Barber of Seville, now aptly named FIFARO, we see the likes of Messi, Pele and Kobe show off their skills both in real life and in digital form.

From the ballet-like ball control to the ascending ballad, the spot gets the viewers’ adrenaline pumping and ready to ‘play beautiful’.

Top marks to the software company for finally welcoming some women soccer stars up front.

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