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Rugby Kicks And Pizza Licks: 6 Branded Vines You Should Watch Right Now

Did you know that the number six is a symbol of completeness? It’s also the very short amount of time that brands have to impress on Vine! So how do you tell a complete story in just 6 seconds?

Well, you have to keep in snappy, interesting, and, above all, creative. We’ve rounded up 6 brands who have displayed just that this week to show you how it’s done.

Get ready for 36 seconds of fast-food proposals, extreme home-cooking and top tips from rugby stars at the World Cup.


6. Intel

We all need a little excitement in our lives. So, why worry about getting pasta sauce all over your Jamie Oliver cookbook when you can go all the way and risk electrocution via giant tablet.



5. Dennys

It seems pro-Viner David Lopez‘s stars have aligned.

First, he got a lovely lady to agree to marry him in Dennys (classy lad). Second, he got a mouthful of that juicy burger.



4. DiGiorno Pizza

Top Vine stars Darius Benson, Sunny Mabrey and Robby Ayala have collaborated to prove that sometimes frozen pizza is the best option over home-cooked meals and take-out.

Pizza Rat would be well-jealous.


3. World Rugby

Gwri Pennar (aka GooRee) is in high demand from brands for his creative content.

Here, the short-form video producer takes us from guide book to game to celebrate the start of the Rugby World Cup 2015.


2. Samsung 

Samsung is back this week with another video aimed at teaching non-rugby fans all they need to know about the World Cup.

Here, the leggy George Ford shows us how to “kick for touch”.

Stay tuned and you may well be able to bluff your way through some could-be awkward conversations in the pub this month.


1. Lottery Good Causes

It looks like GooRee had a busy week!

After working on content for World Rugby, he then took to the National Lottery Awards to give viewers a behind-the-scenes preview.

He wasn’t the only Viner present, funnyman Arron Crascall was busy playing practical jokes on reality stars on the red carpet.


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