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Saved By The Bell And Beards From Hell: Five Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Nineties TV show ‘Saved By The Bell’ gets Photoshopped (very badly), golf becomes 43,001% more interesting and a bearded man eats shaving foam for breakfast. Yep, it’s just another week in Adland.

But which are the must-see ads over the last seven days? Well, after a week watching the best (and worst) video advertisements on the net, we’ve picked the five essential ones to watch so you can spend the rest of your time enjoying the, hopefully sunny, weekend.

So without further ado, here is our weekly round-up of the five ads you should watch right now.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


5. Footlocker: Grown-Up 

Let’s face it, we are all just big kids inside. And they don’t get much bigger than American footballer Rob Gronkowski (no, I hadn’t heard of him either). The 6’6”, 265-pound New England Patriot stars in the latest Footlocker ad in which he declines an invitation by some young fans to hang out with them.

“Sorry, guys,” he explains. “I’m a grown-up. I gotta go do grown-up stuff.” But as we find out, ‘grown-up stuff’ consists of him playing video games and drinking chocolate milk.

Warning: watching this ad will give you an irresistible urge to use a curly straw and buy an ice cream.


4. Organic Valley: The Brononymous Hotline #SaveTheBros

It’s easy to not feel sorry for ‘bros’. With their huge bulging muscles, bad jokes and turned-around baseball caps, the idea of saving these weird, dumb creatures may seem odd.

But underneath those orange tans and bad tattoos beats the heart of a sensitive soul in torture. Why? Well, as Organic Valley points out in its latest “Save the Bros” campaign – a faux PSA it launched at the beginning of the year – the entire ‘bro’ colony is in peril if its members keep chugging chemical-filled muscle milk.

There is a cure, of course – Organic Valley’s organic protein drinks. The only problem is they listen. So to help, Organic Valley has come up with an anonymous hotline, in which you can help the bro in your life by entering his Twitter name and picking a reason why he’s worth saving.

It’s a very clever campaign by Organic Valley, who have come up with the perfect way to hit their target audience using friends and family.


3. GEICO: Kraken

Sea monsters are not always a welcome addition to our lives. However, recent research has found that the sedate sport of golf would be improved 43,001% if courses put krakens in their water hazards.

It’s also a trick that GEICO uses well to drive up interest in its latest ad campaign.


2. Philadelphia Police Department: A PPD PSA

Re-purpose an old anti-drugs PSA from 90s TV show ‘Saved By The Bell’ and replace NBC exec Brandon Tartikoff with the very  poorly Photoshopped head of Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey and what do you have? Answer: Possibly the strangest ad ever made.


1. Dollar Beard Club: Dollar Beard Club 

Don’t mention shaving to Dollar Beard Club’s co-founder Chris Stoikos. The fuzzy-faced frontman may have used Dollar Shave Club’s style and presentation as the inspiration behind his company’s new ad campaign, but that’s as close as he ever wants to get to a razor. In fact, he will slap anyone who so much as looks like they are shaving. He also eats shaving cream for breakfast.

As Stoikos explains: “Finding the time to go out and buy your monthly beard supplies is just too tough. I get it. You have a beard. You’re probably too busy doing stuff like riding your motorcycle or swimming in a box full of women.”


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