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Gorgeous Stars And Trips In Cars: 6 Branded Vines You Should Watch Right Now

Now that Vine is playing a larger role in marketers’ content strategies, grabbing viewer attention in the first few seconds has never been more important. In this cut-throat world of snack-sized media, content remains king.

However, it’s not always easy to stand apart from the competition. So if you were wondering which advertisers are coming out on top, we’ve got you covered.

With just 6 seconds to impress, creativity is key, and this week’s top videos show brands just how it’s done. This week, we’ve got paint-throwing footballers and digital detoxes.



6. Pizza Hut

Who knew there was such a thing as National S’mores Day? And why didn’t anybody tell us about it until now?

It’s a bitter-sweet day here in Unruly… What wonderful news to hear that there’s a sweet little sister to Pancake Tuesday, but so heartbreaking to learn that we missed it on August 10th…

Oh well, like that’s going to stop us chowing down on these mouth-watering Cookie Slice S’mores à la Pizza Hut.  


5. Puma

You only need six seconds to see how fit Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud is in this Vine for Puma…

Don’t be jealous, he can’t help it if he’s gorgeous


4. Skylight Studios

For some people, fashion really does come to life when reading the latest editions of their favourite style magazines.

For others, all they have to do is look at this super-sweet short-form video from Cannes Lions winner Meagan Cignoli.  

Très chic!  


3. Chex Mix

Road trips ain’t what they used to be with the emergence of smartphones and tech gadgets. Gone are the days when a football would provide endless hours of entertainment – now it’s all Candy Crush and FarmVille (and that’s not just the kids!).

The ‘First Family of Vine’, Eh Bee, have been posting snippets of their road-trip adventures as part of a campaign organised by snack brand Chex Mix. With a common theme of no wifi and gadget failure, it’s no wonder so many people opt for a “digital detox” vacation!


2.  adidas France

adidas reckons the game of football is changing, both in the way it is played and the types of players who grace the field.  The sports brand has been rolling out it’s ‘Be The Difference‘ campaign across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and didn’t think twice about including Vine in the mix.

Here, adidas takes its own advice and shows us how to be different with awesomely creative content. All you need is a tub of paint, some footballers and a touch of special effects.



1. Coca-Cola

If anyone can capture our imagination with just a pencil and paper it’s Pinot!

The graphic designer-cum-pro-Viner can do no wrong in our books, so it’s no wonder the soft drink giant has partnered up with him to promote the Coca-Cola Freestyle soda fountain.

The touchscreen drink dispenser features more than 125 mixed soft drink choices… As if your sugar high from a regular coke wasn’t enough!

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