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P&G Dominates List Of Most Shared Olympic Ads Of All Time

If Olympic gold medals were handed out to brands, P&G would be at the top of the podium.

To celebrate the 2016 Olympics in Rio being just one year away today, video ad tech company Unruly has compiled a list of the top 10 most shared Olympic ads of all time. And with three videos in the chart, including the first two spots, it’s P&G which leads the way.

The CPG/FMCG’s 2012 “Thank You Mama – Best Job” takes the top spot after attracting more than 2.4 million shares, while “Pick Them Back Up” and “Thank You, Mom” – from the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia – come in at second and eighth respectively.



And with good reason. Eliciting strong feelings of warmth, pride, and exhilaration, the ads are tributes to maternal love, breaking down national and cultural barriers by portraying a global view of mothers with scenes in different languages and cultures playing to the Olympics’ global audience.

Nike is the only other brand to have more than one video on the list, with spots from both the Summer and Winter Olympics coming in at #4 and #10 respectively.



In 2014, Russia’s controversial stance on gay marriage provided a zeitgeist opportunity for social causes to enter the top list.



The Canadian Institute for Diversity and Inclusion (#3) and the UK’s Channel 4 (#6) both created highly shareable ads using emotions of hilarity and surprise that promoted equal rights in the Games. A 2012 ad from car brand Mini also makes the top 10. With video shares increasing every year, it’s not surprising that all of the ads come from the most recent Games in in London and Sochi.

Here is the list of the most shared Olympic ads of all time:

  1. P&G – Thank You Mama – Best Job 2012 (Summer 2012) – 2,435,774 shares
  2. P&G: Pick Them Back Up (Winter 2014) 692,834 shares
  3. Canadian Institute For Diversity And Inclusion: Luge (Winter 2014) 308,529 shares
  4. Nike – Find Your Greatness Commercial – The Jogger (Summer 2012) 198,357 shares
  5. adidas – Team GB Don’t Stop Me Now (Summer 2012) – 196,664 shares
  6. Channel 4 – Gay Mountain (Winter 2014) – 132,931 shares
  7. EDF Energy – EDF Energy Feel Better Energy TV Advert – featuring Zingy Together In Electric Dreams (Summer 2012) – 116,232
  8. P&G – Thank You, Mom | Tough Love |Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games (Winter 2014) – 99,249 shares
  9. Mini UK – All stand please for the MINI horn section (Summer 2012) – 84,420 shares
  10. Nike – представляет:Just Do It – PLAY RUSSIAN (Winter 2014) – 81,486 shares


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