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Wrecking Balls And Duty Calls: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

A man shaves off his beard, TV companies makes us eat grass and Lexus makes us dream of being Marty McFly.

It’s just another crazy week in Adland, but which are the must-see ads over the last seven days? Well, after a week watching the best (and worst) video advertisements on the net, we’ve picked the five essential ones to watch so you can spend the rest of your time enjoying the, hopefully sunny, weekend.

So without further ado, here is our weekly round-up of the five ads you should watch right now.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


5. Super Pharm: Man Stuns Family By Shaving Off His Beard After 14 Years

If only I knew that freaking out my family was so easy. Looking at this ad, all you need is some Super Pharm razors, a 14-year-old beard and guy called Amit who is clearly going through a mid-life crisis. His dad’s reaction is worth the three minutes of watching time alone.


4. Sling TV: Old TV Company

Ever been forced fed grass or being given a wedgie by an overzealous, bully-boy TV company? No me neither, but there is no doubt that long contracts and extortionate fees can be pain in the rear end. Not anymore, says Sling TV, who have handily made a commercial to tell you all about it.


3. Lexus: The Lexus Hoverboard Is Coming

So 2015, as depicted in classic 80s movie sequel Back To The Future 2, may not have quite panned out the way the movie script writers had hoped for.

However, despite the lack of flying cars, it seems one thing they did get right is the hoverboards. That’s right, Lexus is releasing its own hoverboard on August 5 and even gave fans a sneak peek of the new invention in this short trailer ahead of the launch.

Let’s hope it is not another prank, like the one BTTF actor Chrstopher Lloyd ‘promoted’ last year.


2. Money Supermarket: #EpicBuilder

Colin, an overweight builder, finds his inner Miley Cyrus in Money Supermarket’s latest funny ad campaign.


1. War Child UK: Duty Of Care

Did you know that despite over half of those affected by war are children only 3% of funding is spent on helping them deal with it? It’s a shocking fact highlighted in this brilliant but harrowing campaign from War Child UK.

They say that bloodthirsty video games have made people desensitised to violence, but nothing can be further from the truth in this brutal campaign, which manages to turn the horrific suffering of children in war-torn countries into a first-person-shooter. However, as pointed out by “Duty Of Care” – a play on hugely successful video game franchise Call of Duty – this kind of violence is anything but a game for little Nima and any other kids affected by conflict around the world.


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