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Netflix Uses Smart Social Video Strategy To Promote Season 3 Of Orange Is The New Black

The ladies of Litchfield are back – and don’t we know it! While we haven’t had a chance to binge on the third season of Orange Is The Black just yet (it’s still working hours after all), we couldn’t help but notice video promos of the Netflix favorite have been flooding the Unruly Viral Video Chart all week.

That’s right, the popular TV show about a fictional women’s prison is back, and to promote it Netflix has been aggressively promoting its latest season of the fan-favorite through a smart video distribution strategy. In the lead-up to the show, Netflix has released close to 25 promos, starting with the launch of its trailer in early April, and more recently started releasing daily video posts which counted down to the release date to help drive buzz.

These are a blend of original promos, trailers and clips that help support the much-anticipated new season. For OITNB, its official trailer was its most shareable piece of content, taking in more shares than any other promo.

“Orange Is The New Black – Season 3 – Official Trailer” has so far attracted 1,263,933 shares and 33,219,989 total views since its April 9 launch.


Orange Is The New Black – Season 3 – Official TrailerY’all ready for this? #SorryNotSorry

Posted by Orange Is the New Black on Thursday, April 9, 2015

In the past week, OITNB videos have used both original content and clips to promote the series. The most shared promo this week is a clip of Piper providing an Independence Day-esque motivational speech with 54,236 shares.


It’s almost time to return to Litchfield. #OITNBnetflix.com/oitnb

Posted by Orange Is the New Black on Monday, June 8, 2015

From there, the promos that are topping the VVC are simple, quick videos with characters providing a countdown to the start of the show, including this video featuring the inmate Poussey which received 51,356 shares in the last week.

One week. #OITNB netflix.com/oitnb


Posted by Orange Is the New Black on Friday, June 5, 2015

With such anticipation around the series, OITNB was able to tap into a number of social motivations to get the videos shared including shared passion, social in real life, zeitgeist, and conversation starting.

With nearly half of a total video’s shares occurring in the first three days after launch, OITNB promos have done a great job of getting their videos watched and top of mind leading into the season’s release date.

To learn more about how TV networks can promote their content, you can read The Science of Sharing: TV Promos and the Millennial Shift here.

Now, happy binge watching the latest season of OITNB.


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