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Party Tips And Red Carpet Tricks: 6 Branded Vines You Should Watch Right Now

Brands are increasingly recognizing the influence of short-form video as a way to attract and engage an audience online. If you were wondering which advertisers are coming out on top in the attention battle for bite-sized consumer attention, we’ve got you covered. 

With just 6 seconds to impress, creativity is key and we’ve rounded up this week’s 6 best branded Vines to share a little inspiration.

This week, we have pranksters on the red carpet with 50 Cent and crazy street ball skills.



6. Miracle-Gro

Want to join the rest of the hipsters out there and grow a mini garden in your kitchen, but really couldn’t be bothered with the effort? Miracle-Gro’s stop motion Vine shows you just how easy it is with Gro-Ables – just pop them in a pot, water them, and Basil’s your uncle.


5. Total

Total has taken to Vine to celebrate selling 1 million of their Awango solar lamps. The energy provider used clay-mation to show how it’s lighting the way for affordable access to energy for communities in emerging economies all over the world.



Top Viner Yves Das proved yet again that you can produce creative content without massive budgets.  The Belgian short-form video creator built awareness around the second annual global campaign to fight AIDS by using everyday household items such as corkscrews and empty wine bottles.  

We caught up with him last year and, among other interesting facts, he told us about how “brands don’t have to be funny to make a big impact on Vine”. 

3. World Market

Summer is finally here and, with the help of stop-motion expert Andrew Jive, World Market has been giving Viners the perfect party tips from a host of top DIY and household bloggers.  


2. Jolly Rancher

We’re not 100% sure that Grayson “The Professor” Boucher can attribute his unbelievable street ball skills to a solid consumption of Jolly Ranchers, but he sure does make for an epic Vine for the fruity candy brand.


1. Spy Movie 

Celebrities at the NYC premiere of Spy Movie were in for a real treat when pro-Viner and jokester Jake Paul went undercover on the red carpet for some magic with 50 Cent.

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