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Hipster Flights And Baker Fights: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Sylvester Stallone delivers bread and messages get sent to outer space, it’s just another week in Ad Land!

But which are the must-see ads over the last seven days? Well, after a week watching the best (and worst) video advertisements on the net, we’ve picked the five essential ones to watch so you can spend the rest of your time enjoying the, hopefully sunny, weekend.

So without further ado, here is our weekly round-up of the five ads you should watch right now.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!



5. Warburtons – The Deliverers

Well, we certainly didn’t see this one coming! Sylvester Stallone stars as himself in this completely over-the-top ad for British baking company Warburtons, where he gets back into full Rocky mode to deliver fresh bread daily.

Key moment in the ad is his belter of a line: “Time to earn my crust”.


4. TAC TV – Strings

This somber PSA from TAC TV encourages parents to be good driving role models to children.  By using puppet strings, the ad shows a little boy mimicking his dad’s bad driving habits, highlighting very effectively that kids pick up more from parents’ behaviour than we think.


3. Turkish Airlines – Start-up Class

Turkish Airlines has announced direct flights from Istanbul to San Francisco with a fantastically piss-taking ad full of fixie bikes, ping-pong tables and classic tech talk. We laughed, we cringed, and we laughed some more. Well played TA, well played.


2. Nike Women – Better For It, Inner Thoughts 

Nike has pretty much nailed it in its latest campaign geared towards real women.  Instead of championing the usual strong, confident athlete in its ad, the sports brand explores the inner thoughts normal women have while exercising.

From comparing ourselves to those around us to wanting to give up, it’s a reminder that we’re all human but we can get through it and be better for it.


1. Hyundai – A Message To Space

Hyundai has teamed up with Steph, the teenage daughter of an ISS astronaut, to send a message of love to her father watching from outer space. The brand commissioned 11 synchronised drivers to write the special message in the sand of Nevada’s Delamar Dry Lake.

The concept is totally out of this world and has landed Hyundai the award of “The largest tire track image” by the Guinness World Records.