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How To Protect Your Brand From Ad Fraud Online

Afraid that your ads are being served to a large percentage of non-human traffic, or “bots”? With 67% of buyers still unsure how viewability is measured and an estimated $6.3 billion loss to bots next year (Association of National Advertisers), you’re not alone with that concern.

Unruly New York hosted its second brand safety breakfast series alongside Integral Ad Science to discuss ad fraud, as well as talk about ways to deliver fraud-free, viewable campaigns. Unruly offers third party brand protection via a long standing partnership with Integral Ad Science to validate the quality of our traffic.

According to Integral’s own Year-End Survey (Dec. 2014), 73% of advertisers agree that ad fraud is a serious problem in online advertising. The company’s research also found that 39% of video ads were viewable (according to the MRC standard), 50% were unviewable and 11% were considered fraudulent.

Integral’s CRO Michael Iantosca walked the group through a live bot demo, showing how during an 11-minute session, a bot-infected computer can visit up to 140 pages, making an estimated $100 million a year.

Unruly CEO Scott Button joined Iantosca for a fireside chat and discussed the future of brand safety, including mobile solutions and the importance of VAST solutions. We learned there are very few ways you can detect and track fraud.

If you missed the session – or the Meerkat live stream – check out the full session in the video below. And if you’re interested in hearing about future events at Unruly, drop us a line at events@unrulymedia.com. Look forward to seeing you at next quarter’s breakfast!