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Drones And Bones: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

A hungry dog licks faces, love goes bone deep and an agency drones on about drones.

Sound intriguing? Well, weary traveller, it’s only another week in AdLand.

Here’s the five best ads Unruly have been enjoying this week.




5. GEICO: Unskippable

US insurers GEICO has come up with an ingenious way to stop you from skipping their ad – by skipping the start and jumping straight to the punchline. Although, if you do skip after the first few seconds you will miss the best part. Seriously, watch out for the rather hungry dog.


4. MRY – Is This the Office of the Future?

How many drones does your office have? Well, creative agency MRY has a lot – and that’s not necessarily as good an idea as it sounds.


3. Delta: On The Road

Airline Delta offers some home comforts to those who spend a lot of their working life travelling the world.


2. Skoda: Attention Test

Auto brand Skoda’s new commercial will not only have you questioning your sanity but whether you need to get a new glasses prescription.


1. The Ad Council – Love has no Labels

Tissues at the ready – the Ad Council and agency R/GA has created a heart-warming ad campaign that could well make you shed a tear or two – and (possibly) start to question your own prejudices.