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Speed Dating and Sun Spots: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Athletes learn to act, dogs miss their owners and NASA looks directly at the sun.

Sound intriguing? Well, weary traveler, it’s only another week in AdLand.

Here’s the five best ads Unruly have been enjoying this week.



5. Coldwell Banker – Home’s Best Friend

American bank Coldwell Banker knows that when it comes to online advertising you can’t go far wrong with a cute animal montage. In fact, the brand’s latest spot seems to take a leaf or six out of Android’s book, right down to the folksy acoustic backing. While it doesn’t nail the simplicity of Android’s effort, particularly thanks to the jarring music change halfway through, ‘Home’s Best Friend’ has pawed its way to nearly 18,000 shares since release.

Now, I’d like to see Coldwell Banker do a remake about cats. Hint: the cat isn’t waiting loyally for you.


4. Ford Mustang – Speed Dating

I’m not sure whether anyone outside of sitcoms actually goes speed dating, or blind dating, or roller dating, or whatever’s hip these days. Maybe that’s because they’re situations more readily suited to hilarity than actually finding a partner. Ford certainly thinks its funny, using their latest spot to humiliate and terrify a bunch of single men. If you can’t guess from the title, or haven’t seen this Renault ad from 2013, then suffice to say, it makes dinner and a movie look frightfully lame.


3. adidas – Take It

Going against all sporting logic, adidas’ latest ad tells us that “the last goal doesn’t matter”. Of course, not literally. Rather, speaking with the intense solemnity characteristic of sporting adverts, the spot tells us not to dwell on our past achievements and instead look to the future. According to the ad, that future consists of slam dunks, home runs, victory laps and generally doing very well. That’s all very well and good but if adidas is saying the past doesn’t exist, then is impossible still nothing?


2. Foot Locker – Kyrie Irving Making His Acting Debut


Foot Locker has a well-deserved reputation for witty, deadpan adverts starring famous American athletes. A little bit like Sports Center except…actually well, just like Sports Center. In their latest, previous viral star and NBA all star Kyrie Irving kicks it with his friends and shows off his new career path. Though he’s only playing a dead body on Law & Order, I think he should shoot for more. I mean, if LeBron can star in a movie, why not Kyrie?


1. NASA – SDO 5 Years

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has been documenting the behaviour of the sun for five years now, so what better time to sit back and celebrate? Sure, it’s not the most conventional ad of the week, and it’s severely lacking in fluffy animals, but the footage they’re showing off is pretty incredible. Pitched somewhere between ‘Interstellar’ and the kind of visuals on display during a warehouse DJ set, this is just the video to make you question your place in the universe and the very meaning of existence. TGIF!