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Sexy Statues And Furry Friends: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Europe is rude, the future has four legs and animals are best buds.

Sound strange? Well, it’s just another week in AdLand.

Here’s the five best ads Unruly have been sampling this week.




5. LastMinute.com – Sexy Delights of Europe

If you thought that high-flying ad execs were above a little school boy humour, think again. Proving there’s not such a gulf between bathroom stall graffiti and Madison Avenue offices, Expedia’s ‘Sexy Delights of Europe’ takes the viewer on a tour of all the visual innuendos the continent has to offer. Of course, there’s more than a few marble-fleshed classical statues, not to mention a generous montage of phallic buildings and breast-shaped cakes. It’s pretty silly stuff, but watch while it spreads sniggers around your office.


4. Boston Dynamics – Introducing Spot

Pets are rubbish, right? They’re expensive. They get fur everywhere. Either they love you too much, like dogs, or not enough, like cats. Absolute nightmare. But what if we could combine the four-legged charms of our favourite domesticated animals with the mechanical reliability of our favourite home appliances?

The rare mix of robotics firm and viral hit, Boston Dynamics has a habit of dropping little nuggets from the future on YouTube. This latest spot introduces their latest creation ‘Spot’ and he (it?) is basically Man’s Best Friend 2.0.


 3. Axe – Welcome To The Jungle – Novo Amor

A fresh reboot for the new year, Axe’s latest spot is unlike you’ve seen the male grooming brand before. Ditching the overt messaging of their previous campaigns, the latest spot enters a much more conceptual space, with room for surreal manoeuvrability. For a start, it’s a trackvert, underscored by Novo Amor’s ethereal cover of ‘Welcome To The Jungle’. The visuals are just as otherworldly: nightmarish limousines, masked dancers and American Psycho-like bankers throwing cash in the air. Expect the unexpected.


2. Metlife – My Dad’s Story

Taking emotional manipulation to extremes previously unseen outside of Oscar acceptance speeches, Metlife’s ‘My Dad’s Story’ has already garnered a tear-jerking reputation online.

Telling the story of a hard-working man and his adorable daughter, BBDO Hong Kong’s spot does not merely tug at your heartstrings, it gets them into a vice-like grip and yanks hard – over and over again. A masterful combination of direction, musical score and some of the most affecting acting you’ll find in an insurance advert, click on with tissues at the ready.


1. Android – Friends Furever

So devilishly simple it’s a little bit genius, Android’s latest spot represents its ‘Be Together, Not The Same’ ethos with just a supercut of animals of different species hanging out. While furry friends are a well-trod path to a high share rate, Android’s effort is so apt to their branding that they absolutely get away with it. More importantly, I’d like to know: a) whose job it was to research this video? And b) how I get that job?

Looks like a real arduous day at the office.