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11 Vine Predictions For 2015 From World’s Top Vine Creators

Vine turns two this weekend. The short form video app certainly has a lot to celebrate during its short life. Millions of users and already one of the first platforms to be included in marketing plans, there’s no doubt that Vine is one of the most exciting and disruptive developments to happen to the online video landscape in recent years.

In fact, Vine recently announced that in the past 10 months alone, there have been over 347 billion loops. But what does the future hold for the six-second sensation?

We spoke to the top Vine creators on the planet to ask them for their Vine predictions for the next 12 months:


Brittany Furlan

 Brittany Furlan

“I think at this point Vine is here to stay. I see more and more opportunities coming from it for the people who have already established a presence on the platform, and I see opportunities for a lot of new talent to be discovered. What’s cool about Vine is that there is new talent emerging every moment. I’m excited for everyone.”

Jerome Jarre

Jerome Jarre

“Tools like Vine are going to keep changing more and more lives. We are going to see the birth of internet stars on a daily basis. More and more industries are about to be shaken by 16-year-olds with a smartphone – and that’s a really beautiful thing.”

Jethro Ames

 Jethro Ames

“Vine has helped make stop-motion animation popular again, especially branded content. And I believe this trend will continue to be developed and pushed more frequently in 2015 – not only as a great way of telling stories, but as a cost effective way to do so.

“Stop-motion animation has this hipster DIY creative aspect that creates a lo-fi production value (which makes it interesting to brands). It also helps that our mobile devices are so important these days. So much so, I would argue they are now our “First Screen”, rather than TV, especially with the way ad revenues are being allocated for influencer advertising or native campaigns. Vine will continue to grow and change to reflect this trend.”


Zach King

 Zach King 

“A new wave of creative Viners will start to emerge and get noticed for their talent. This is because you will see many of the familiar faces from Vine begin to break out into other mediums like television and other digital platforms like YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix.  The viewership on Vine has been big enough for many of the Vine creators to create their own shows,  jumpstart their acting careers and allow them to make vining a full-time job. #BestJobEver ”


Ian Padgham

Ian Padgham – Origiful

“I predict Vine will introduce some sort of video reply mechanism. It could be as simple as YouTube’s old video reply system, where the original poster could select 3 videos to display as official replies.

“Why should this happen? Because I suspect revining has dramatically tapered off, especially among users with large accounts (understandable since they’re of actual monetary value). But this has the negative effect of cloistering users and preventing new content from popping into people’s streams. Allowing popular users to select video replies, however, would be a good workaround. It would help new users get seen without making larger accounts give away important real estate on their timelines.

“Furthermore, video replies could be the key to getting brands to use Vine as an important conversation platform (as opposed to just a content hosting service, which is becoming more and more the case). I think brands would take advantage of replies to start structuring better community response campaigns, which would in turn make Vine a platform on which they would focus more attention instead of just using Vines on Twitter and Facebook. This would be a win-win: brands would be able to maximize Vine’s vibrant community of users and Vine would get brands to focus more on engaging within the app.”



Dylan Blau

“We’ve seen branded content grow significantly, especially in the last year. I find it surprising that an official advertising platform hasn’t been launched yet, where brands have the option to run campaigns via ‘sponsored Vines’. Vine or Twitter may just be waiting for the right timing, but it’s likely this feature will be introduced sooner or later.”


Meagan Cignoli

Meagan Cignoli

“My prediction comes from how heavily the channels are being curated. It would seem that Vine has decided which category established Viners can all post in, for example, I can only post in the Art channel, I am invisible in DIY or Style. Many comedians are stuck either in Comedy or Family. Based on that, I think Vine wants to make sure it is not only a place known for Comedy and rightfully so. There are a lot of talented people on the app outside of comedy that can sometimes have trouble being seen, that get hidden under the popular comedians in every channel.

“My prediction is they will spend more time finding talented people for the different categories, who will become the leaders on the app in their specific interests. People who make only food videos for the food channel, talented musicians and dancers for music and dance, and Fashion vloggers for the style channel. I think they really want to create more communities and show the full scope of who can enjoy Vine.”




“Is Vine going to be a mobile YouTube? That question will asked more and more this year, as, unlike previous years, in 2015 the challenge will not be about technical execution, but more about mastering the art of short storytelling.

“Because it’s only 6 seconds, people can always create new ideas and deliver original concepts on Vine. Visual effects and stop-motion will become more advanced, but less challenging and will really enhance the storytelling. If the story is weak, viewers will ignore the technical aspects. But I believe there will be more trends to come as the medium evolves still.”


Yves Das

 Yves Das

“Brands are increasingly asking me to make a set of Vines for a campaign, because they’re seeing the value in the new platform. There’s definitely more consideration of end-to-end campaigns than one-off content hits, and I think this is smart. I’m also seeing an increase in brands asking Viners to post content on their own channels to utilize their engaged audiences. However, this reinforces the importance of matching the right brand and audience with the right content creator.”


Matt Willis Yell Design

 Matt Willis aka Yell Design

“I think there’s going to be an explosion of functionality, including updated camera with support for single frame capture (stop motion), slow motion, time lapse, and a new Selfie-stick Mode (!) – delayed recording while you arrange the stick and get the perfect angle!”


 Hunter Harrison

“As a brand consultant, I primarily view the future of Vine from a commercial perspective. I’m impressed with how many brands have already embraced the platform and learned how to leverage its features. Over the next 12 months, I envision more businesses adopting the unique value that Vine offers in content delivery, and implementing it into their holistic social strategy. My hope is that brands will begin to act more like users, and less like advertisers.

“Micro video can be such a powerful engagement tool when used properly. 2015 has already started to yield a significant uptick in brands truly understanding the potential. I often categorize Vine posts into 3 categories…the 3Es of Engagement: 1. Entertaining 2. Educating  3. Enlightening. If a brand can utilize social video to do any one of those three, then it will be extremely effective in delighting their audience.”


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