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Reckless Babies and Creepy Trainers: 6 Branded Vines You Should Watch Right Now

Vine turns 2 later this month – although, it feels like it has been around a lot longer. The short-form video platform has enjoyed huge success in its short life, with millions of Vines being posted every week.

Only problem is it’s not always easy to find the most engaging Vine content. So if you’re looking for inspiration, you’re in safe hands here. In just 36 seconds, you’ll know which brands are doing Vine right.

In this week’s round-up, we have scary trainers, reckless babies and bohemian models to keep you company during these cold months.



6. Toyota

Buy a Prius and you will not be the only one smiling, according to Jethro Ames’ latest Vine for Toyota.


5. Converse

Every get that feeling there is something on your shoe? Well, if this stop-animation Vine spot for Converse is anything to go by, it’s not your imagination.


4.Bank Of America

Ever wondered which factors influence your credit score? Well, wonder no more: The Bank of America has some delicious info.


3. Hewlett-Packard

Work does not have to be something you do crammed into a stuffy office space. Just ask pro Viner Meagan Cignoli. Thanks to her HP Stream, which boasts free 4G straight out of the box, she can get work her 9-5 by the pool, in a field, in a forest…anywhere. 


2. Burberry

Burberry shows off its latest bohemian range in this runway Vine.


1. Western Digital

Babies – you just can’t trust them to look after your computer adequately. This Vine from hard disk manufacturers Western Digital reminds us that backing up your PC is essential if you have kids around.