Halloween Special: 6 Spooky Vines You Should Watch Right Now

Since it’s Halloween, we thought it would be seasonally spooky to round up the scariest branded Vines of the week. Thanks to these creative brands, we’re spoilt for choice. 

The short form video platform is awash with branded content designed to frighten and surprise you!

So sit back, try to relax and enjoy these 6 spooktacular Vine spectacles.


 6. Oreo 

In our first spooky number we visit the depths of the ‘Oreo Laboratorium’ via Vine heavyweight Oreo, up to its old tricks with some well-executed stop motion. This is just one piece of content from a wider series fresh out of  #OreoLabs, but you have to admit you’ve seen scarier biscuit monsters, right?     

5. Coca-Cola Freestyle

Even our favourite carbonated beverage vendor is in on the Halloween action this week, with this frightful collection of visitors to one of their machines. This spot for Coca-Cola is the perfect mix of product, puppets and production. Getting the sound just right is a common problem for Viners, and this is a great example of sound design done right.  You can thank Hunter Harrison for the mastery behind this 6-second number – but be warned! Word on the Vine rumour mill is that the hairy hand is actually his, no visit to the make-up department required. Frightful!     

4. Jolly Rancher

This next Halloween spot doesn’t set out to spook or scare, it’s a survival guide for the forgetful or downright lazy. We’ve all be in this situation: it’s the night of your Halloween party, and you’ve forgot to bag yourself a costume. Uh oh.

But fear not! The sweet guys over at Jolly Rancher have just the solution – aluminium foil. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you: these metal sheets can provide the perfect Halloween costume to get your party off to a banging start.

Like what you see? Well their Vine channel is littered with spooky spots from a whole host of Vine stars.

3. Internet Explorer

Can you guess which 1960s horror film this nifty little Vine spot is re-enacting?  It’s the chilling Hitchcock classic,  Psycho, of course.

IE plays nicely on the fact that internet users historically don’t love Internet Explorer very much. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that if you’re a millennial, you might not even know what Internet Explorer is.

Anyway, this Vine aims to change all that. IE isn’t scary any more, in fact IE 11 is better than ever.

2. Samsung UK


Samsung have become heavily invested in Vine over the past few months and it’s certainly paying off. One of the latest in its #ThatSucks campaign is this moronic mummy spot. What shouldn’t you do if you’re actually made of bandages? Get caught up in a device that sucks and sucks and sucks. The result is comically obvious.  

1. Lowe’s

Top spot this week falls to the most unexpected stars of short form video – Lowe’s. From day one the brand has taken to Vine and made it their own.

Their #LowesFixInSix series is probably one of the longest running campaigns on the platform and it doesn’t take a genius to work out why it’s been so successful. This latest haunted special doesn’t take a break from educating viewers, with clever camera work, spooky sound and a horrifying doll demonstrating how to easily store hair clips.