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Spinning Cars And Diamond Stars: 6 Branded Vines You Should Watch Right Now

As more and more marketers realise the impact that short-form video can have, it’s no surprise that Vine is high up on every brand’s agenda.

But with a tidal wave of short-form content engulfing the Open Web, it’s not always easy to find the best of the bunch. So if you’re looking for quality inspiration, you’re in safe hands here. In just 36 short seconds, you’ll know which brands are doing Vine just right.

In this week’s round-up we witness a vanishing car, rouse a slumbering cat and go into the sky with diamonds.


6. HTC

HTC has enlisted Amymarie Gaertner, a Vine star known for her 6-second choreography, to produce this bass-thumping video. As she moves to the HTC One M8’s BoomSound speakers through a series of stores, it’s clear the brand is in perfect step with the preferences of her young, mobile-friendly audience.


5. Brian Gavin Diamonds

Jeweler Brian Gavin Diamonds has produced some sparkling creative work on the Vine platform, and for a brand this savvy with short-form content production, success is written in the stars.

4. Intel

Chip maker Intel appears to have a certain robot-themed film franchise in mind here. As a microchip metamorphoses to defend a keyboard from a slumbering cat, more attention has been paid to this micro-narrative than the feature length script of Transformers 4. Well played Intel – we’ll keep a cautious eye out for sequels.


3. Chrysler Autos

Stop-motion magician Christian Leonard has created this clever Vine to demonstrate the keyless entry feature of the new Chrysler 200. If only parallel parking were this easy.


 2. Lacoste

Zach King also demonstrates some Vine magic in a terrific short for Lacoste. Strong creative like this is a great way to draw attention to your brand on the Vine platform.


1. Opel

Our top Vine of the week comes from Opel, which has also enlisted Zach King to drive interest in their brand. How King accomplished this visual illusion is anyone’s guess, but it’s clear that eye-popping content like this can attract substantial interest among social video viewers. Well done, Opel!


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