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The Unruly Way To Continuous Delivery

Developers joining Unruly are often surprised by our extreme approach to Continuous Delivery.

Working in pairs, we develop code in small steps and make the changes live in the space of a few short hours. No team to throw the changes over the fence to. No triplicate sign-off. We can then wander over to an actual user’s desk to find out whether it’s working as they wanted.

Once you get over the initial apprehension, working this way soon becomes addictive as you can see your work generating immediate value. This means at Unruly an idea conceived in the morning can be making money by lunchtime.

It’s an approach that two of our software engineers will be explaining this week at Oracle’s prestigious JavaOne conference in San Francisco, the biggest conference event for Java developers around the world.

Alex Wilson and Benji Weber, speaking on the Agile Development track, will be showcasing our approach to building world-class solutions, including an overview of the culture, processes and tools that make this possible.

Weber will also share his insights on our experiences with Domain-Driven Design (DDD), a technique that helps us get to the heart of what solutions meet the needs of our users by paying close attention to language.

Following DDD, our technical team take care to use the same language when building our software they use in discussions with users and industry experts. We find DDD enables us to build flexible software that allows us to adapt to market trends in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

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