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Skipping Chips And Vacuum Tricks: 6 Branded Vines You Should Watch Right Now

As Vine continues to have a huge impact on video marketing across the web, more and more brands are clamouring for their 6 seconds of fame.

So to liven up your hump day, Unruly has rounded up this week’s best branded Vines. The latest round of innovative short-form content includes skipping chips, a hot tub full of beans and a leap of faith from a garage roof.

So cancel your plans for the next half-minute and enjoy…

6. Intel

Intel has been known to make a splash on Vine, and this creative animation is no exception. Brands take note:  your audience is just a stone’s throw away on the video platform.


5. Naked Juice

Notable on Vine as a brand with a social conscience, Naked Juice advertises its donations campaign to bring fresh produce to people in need. It would appear to be bearing fruit.

4. Walkers Crisps

Walkers certainly isn’t spilling the beans on the ingredients of its latest crisp flavors, but this charmingly-branded creative has us diving in with both feet.


3. HP

It’s time to uninstall the basketball hoop above your wastepaper basket and upgrade to something more interactive. HP scores points for a video chat-turned-office-catch session in this seamless loop.


 2. Chrysler Autos

Vine celebrity Zach King lends his trademark visual flair to promote the safety features of the 2015 Chrysler 200. Maybe the mattress is an actual add-on feature. Ejector Sleep? You’re joking. 


1. Samsung

Samsung UK returns to the top of our charts with this timely post about the Ryder Cup. While it would be hard not to notice a mischievous vacuum disrupting a four-foot putt, the humour is anything but full of holes. Well played, Samsung.


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