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A Shower Of Apples And A Smartphone Swimming Pool: 6 Branded Vines You Should Watch Right Now

As more and more marketers realise the impact that short-form video can have, it’s no surprise Vine is high up on every brand’s agenda.

However, with a tidal wave of short-form content engulfing the Open Web, it’s not always easy to find the best of the bunch. So if you’re looking for quality inspiration, you’re in safe hands here. In just 36 short seconds, you’ll know which brands are doing Vine just right.

In this week’s round-up we have an personalised HTC One mobile, a self-hanging jersey and a downpour of apples.


6. HTC

HTC has been crafting some terrific Vines lately, including the manufacture of another personalised HTC One in collaboration with Phunk Studio. This Champions League mobile is another product nicely marketed by the brand, which certainly knows how to make an impression on the short form video platform.


5. adidas

If only our sports clothes were actually self-hanging (or self-folding!). Showing off its snazzy Harlequins Rugby Union jerseys, adidas‘ creative post lends some colour to our Vine feed.

4. Naked Juice 

A number of brands have recently run successful charity campaigns on Vine, including MasterCard, which made our chart last week. Naked Juice shows us how to pay it forward here by donating fresh produce when viewers send a text.


3. Domino’s UK

Strong creative is never out of reach for brands looking to make an impact on Vine. Here, Domino’s humorous video makes you want to reach straight for the phone and order in.


 2. Toaster Strudel

In a timely reference to Microsoft‘s purchase of Minecraft this week, Toaster Strudel has made a superb Vine version of the popular video game.


1. Samsung Mobile US 

Our top Vine of the week comes from Samsung, with this highly-creative animation showing off their latest Galaxy handset. Its a great example of how brands can make a splash on the Vine platform!