World Cup 2014: Top 10 Football Ads Of All Time (As Chosen By Us)

Argh, the wait is almost killing us. The World Cup is just three weeks away, but it might as well be three years.
With the FA Cup and most of the national leagues now done and dusted, footy fans only have the Champions League to sustain their footy fix until the action starts in earnest in Brazil on June 12.
So to keep us going in this hour of need, we have come up with our favourite football (soccer) ads of all time.

Yep, for your entertainment, we have dusted off the Unruly Viral Video Chart’s archives to come up with the top 10 most unforgettable soccer ads of all time.
Is your favourite ad included?
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10. Nike: Airport Scene
9. Nike: Good V Evil
8. Pepsi: Sumo
7. Nike: Take It To The Next Level
6. Qatar Airways And FC Barcelona: A Team That Unites Us All
5. Nike: The Cage
4. adidas: +Jose
3. Castrol: Footkhana
2. Nike: Winner Stays
1. Nike: Write The Future

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