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Ex-Twitter Employee Makes Vine’s First Adventure Game

One of the world’s leading short-form video creators has created the first-ever ‘choose your own adventure’ game on Vine to promote a new festival.

Ian Padgham (a.k.a.@origiful), who used to work for Twitter, devised the concept this week during a collaborative workshop at the ADC Festival – a creative gathering and awards ceremony held on Miami Beach.

The campaign features a huge hand making its way across the festival. As each six-second clip plays, viewers can choose the next chapter in the story by clicking on the links inside the text box on the right.

We caught up with Ian, just before the campaign kicked off. Here’s what he had to say:

“Vine is such a brilliantly simple platform and a great tool for collaborative storytelling. This was such an enjoyable project and a unique way to get a bunch of talented people together to make a game. Another example of the delight you can create with just 6 seconds, a phone, and imagination!”

Of course, it’s not the first time an advertiser has created a campaign that allows the viewer to choose the outcome of the story.

There are a number of example, but among the ones which stick out our Tipp-Ex’s brilliant 2010 campaign “NSFW Hunter Shoots A Bear” and Ranger Rover’s 2011 hit “Being Henry”.

But using Vine is a new one on us. Certainly it’s an exciting new way to use Vine and one which could breed a new trend of people using multiple accounts to tell stories and engage audiences across short-form content.

Follow the adventure below: