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The Top 10 Most Shared Super Bowl Ads Of All Time

Did you know the most shared commercial of all time is a Super Bowl ad?
Volkswagen’s commercial “The Force”, starring a mini would-be Darth Vader, has attracted 5.24 million shares since its launch back in February 2011, putting it head and shoulders above any other ad online in terms of shares.
However, the ad attracted the vast majority of its shares across Facebook, Twitter and blogs well after Super Bowl Monday in 2011.
It’s a fact that illustrates just how much the Super Bowl has changed for brands over the last few years.

Gone are the days when a sponsor scored big by being the talk of the water-cooler the day after Super Bowl Sunday. For advertisers, the fact that commercials are spread far and wide online in the days and weeks following the game (or even sometimes before the game starts) is becoming an ever-bigger component of their value.
Brands are now in it for the long haul. Come February 2 this year, the game will be over, but the battle for brand buzz will have only just begun.

To help get the ball rolling, a lot of advertisers tried to get a head start this year by releasing their ads early.

But which ads have performed the best so far? Well, we have compiled a chart of the top 10 Super Bowl ads of all time, ranked by the number of shares they have attracted across the Open Web.

Is your favourite in there?

10. M&Ms: Sexy And I Know It

Shares: 545,507

9. Star Trek Into Darkness

Shares: 707,458

8. Fast Five Trailer

Shares: 888,583

7. Vollkswagen: The Bark Side

Shares: 901,425

6. Chevrolet: OK Go – Needing/Getting

Shares: 1.25 million


5. Fast And Furious 6 Trailer

Shares: 1.51 million


4. Ram Trucks: Farmer

Shares: 1.89 million


3. Budweiser: Brotherhood

Shares: 2.73 million


2. Budweiser: 9/11

Shares: 3.34 million


1. Volkswagen: The Force

Shares: 5.24 million