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Super Bowl 2014 Infographic: 10 Super Bowl Facts Every Brand Should Know

For advertisers, it’s no longer just about their ads being the talk of the office water-cooler on Super Bowl Monday. 
With more than 500,000 video shares being tracked every 24 hours, the real opportunity is online, where their ads will be talked about and shared before, during and way after the big game.

For example, the most shared ad from the 2013 Super BowlBudweiser’s “Brotherhood” (pictured above), has accumulated 15.6 million views and over 2.74 million online video shares so far – extending its audience long after the Big Game aired way  back on February 3, 2013.
And sharing of Super Bowl ads continues to grow. According to our new infographic (below), Super Bowl: 10 Facts Every Brand Should Know, the top ads of Super Bowl 2013 attracted 30x more shares than the top 10 Super Bowl ads from 2010.
Super Bowl 2014 infographic FINAL

Why are shares important? The shares these ads earn are invaluable – Nielsen and McKinsey both found word-of-mouth and advocacy to be the most trusted form of advertising and a format that directly drives sales.

But how should brands make the most of this unique opportunity? Well, here at Unruly, we have launched a new Super Bowl Playbook, giving advertisers the insight they need to make the most of the Online Game.

To download our Super Bowl Playbook, click here.

To download the infographic, click here.