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What Do Moonwalking Ponies, Break-Dancing Babies And A Golden Cat All Have In Common?

Unruly To Honor Biggest Social Video Stars Of The Year At Video Sharing Awards #VSAs

Moonwalking ponies, break-dancing babies and a talking camel that just cannot get enough of Wednesdays – 2013 has certainly been a great year for social video.

With marketers increasingly challenging the value of a view and instead focusing on creating content and distribution strategies which drive deeper levels of engagement, we are starting to see campaigns that will live long in the memory.

But which brands have been setting the Open Web alight during 2013?

Well, next week Unruly is launching the Video Sharing Awards (#VSAs). Hosted on Twitter, it’s the first event of its kind to honor the year’s most shared social video stars.

However, what makes these awards different is that they are based purely on data from the Unruly Viral Video Chart rather than the opinion of a panel of judges.

Very simply, the brands and videos with the most shares across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere in each category will pick up a prestigious Golden Cat award.

In other words, these are the brands and videos that have been chosen by the people. Categories also include most shared cat ad and most popular commercial featuring a celebrity.

But if you think brands and agencies are the only ones getting accolades, think again.

The VSAs will also be handing out awards for various other social video heroics during the year, such as the most shared music video and movie trailer.

Here is the list of finalists for 2013. Be sure to join us on Twitter at the #VSAs Award Ceremony on December 10, 2013 at 11am EST/ 4pm GMT, where we’ll be announcing the overall winners.