Unruly / Blog / Vine Series: Brittany Furlan – Vine Is Not A Six-Second YouTube

Vine Series: Brittany Furlan – Vine Is Not A Six-Second YouTube

It’s been 231 days since Twitter unleashed Vine upon the world and we’re already seeing the next generation of internet celebrities appearing from out of the woodwork.

However, none are bigger than this week’s guest on to the Unruly blog – Brittany Furlan. With over 2.5 million followers on Vine alone, she is fast becoming one of the standout stars of the new micro medium.

We’ve spoken to a range of famous folk during this Vine series so far, but Furlan is the first woman and she’s certainly not one to be missed.  From crazy characters, cheeky stunts and, of course, the obligatory dog Vine or two, she’s certainy put her stamp on it.

We caught up with Furlan as she landed back after a birthday break in Las Vegas. She’s that Vine obsessed, she didn’t even take a break from Vine for her birthday. Instead she utilized the fact she had a group of her friends to use as Vine fodder to entertain her ever-growing online audience.

1.There Are Several Noteworthy Video Apps In The App Store. Why Vine? How Did You Get Into Making Vines?

Honestly, Vine was just one of those things that I stumbled upon. I was bored, acting jobs were few and far between, so I had a lot of time on my hands, and experimenting with Vine just happened to be a happy accident. (A VERY happy accident)

 2. The Internet Is Calling You The Funny Girl Of Vine. Do You Think Being Funny On Vine Is Key To Standing Out From The Crowd? Is It A Key Trigger To Getting People Sharing Your Content?

Well, that’s nice of them to say, I know a lot of people find me annoying too (including my parents). Um, I am really just myself on Vine. I’m hyper, I’m a goofball; it was never my intention to “stand out”, it was only my intention to have fun. Everything that has come from Vine, all of the exposure and opportunities, are just the super fantastic icing on the cake. I think being able to make people laugh is definitely a key to Vine popularity. A lot of people go on Vine to get a quick laugh or a smile. To know I’m a part of that makes my insides all warm and fuzzy.


3. With Over 2.6 Million Followers On Vine, You’re One Of The Most Followed To Date. Do You Think Viners Are The New YouTube Celebrities?

I hope so! Because YouTube is so much more work and costs so much more money to create good content! My agents keep trying to get me to crossover to YouTube and I’m still testing the waters. YouTube is great, but I like the quick process of Vine and the way it makes you edit in camera. You aren’t allowed to upload videos (even though some people have figured out how to hack Vine and upload video, tsk tsk) it’s just more of an even playing field for people, and forces you to be more creative when developing content. With YouTube the options are limitless and, to me, that’s overwhelming. 

4.Vine Seems To Have Opened Up New Doors For You. What’s Your Advice For Anyone Looking To Harness The Power Of Vine In A Similar Fashion?

Vine has opened a lot of new doors for me. I’m very grateful to be where I am right now. My advice to anyone pursuing Vine fame would be to just be yourself, and do what you love, and the rest will follow. I don’t have any tricks up my sleeve, I am just myself, take me or leave me.


5. You Appear In Most Of Your Vines In Various Forms Of Characters? Is The Personal Element Part Of Your Secret Formula Or Do You Think Including Humans In General Is Key To Vine Sharing Success

I have so many characters within my personality that doing characters was such a natural place to go for me. I don’t think it’s a key to Vine success, I think people just enjoy comedy, and if you can make people laugh, well… laughter is the greatest gift of all.



6. What’s Your Stance On Users Uploading Non-Original Or Hacked Content To Vine?

Ick, yuck, blah. I hate when people do it. It’s unfair. I feel that if Vine starts to allow people to upload edited content then it will ruin Vine. Part of the beauty of Vine is the fact that it’s mostly an even playing field. Everyone has the same set of tools and the same amount of time. If you take that away, then Vine will just become a six-second YouTube. And what’s the point of that? 

7. We’ve Not Seen Much From You With Regards To Brands Or Endorsements. Is There Something In The Pipeline To Look Out For?

Well, I did some work with Benefit Cosmetics, which was right up my alley, because I love makeup, but I’m only working with brands that I actually like. I’m not going to just go promote things I don’t actually endorse or like. I have some things in the works, you’ll see… 😉


8. How Would You Recommend Brands Make A Splash On The Platform?

I think brands should contact viners they are interested in working with and have them creatively/comedically promote their brand on Vine without making it a commercial. I think the more subtle, the better. If people feel like you are trying to get them interested in something, they’ll lean away from it, but if the brands are willing to trust the viners to do what they do best, I think there could be some very fruitful relationships.


 9. Do You Have A Dream Vine Project? Is There Something You’ve Not Yet Had The Chance To Do But Have Up Your Sleeve?

Yes, I do. I want to help people. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do yet, but I want to do something big with Vine that will help people in need. I’ll keep you posted. 

10. Who Are Your Favourite Content Creators On Vine? Do You Have Favourites Or Ones To Watch Out For?

My favorite content creators on Vine are anyone I’m following. I only follow people who make me laugh or smile 🙂