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The Top 10 Most Popular Football Ads Of All Time

Argh, the wait is almost killing us. The Premier League is not due to start again until the weekend, but these last few remaining days until the big kick-off are really starting to drag.

It may have only been a few months till we last saw a ball kicked in anger in England’s premier football competition, but it has felt like a lifetime.

Even the Americans are getting in on the act, thanks to NBC deciding to broadcast coverage of the English Premier League next season.

So to keep us going in this hour of need, we have come up with a chart of the most popular football online commercials of all time.
Yep, for your entertainment, we have dusted off the Viral Video Chart’s archives to come up with the top 10 most unforgettable soccer ads of all time, ranked by the number of shares they have attracted across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere.
Admittedly, the top 10 is dominated by just two brands – Nike and Pepsi – but there are some real classics in there, offering yet more proof (not that you needed it) that you don’t have to be a sponsor of a big sporting event like the World Cup, Olympics or European Championships to have a major impact across the social web.
You can view the top 20 here. Does your favourite footy ad make the list?
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10. Nike: The Cage

Shares: 109,702


9. Nike: Soccer V Ninjas

Shares: 110,722


8. Pepsi: Improvised Footy Game

Shares: 110,952

7. Nike: Good Vs Evil

Shares: 132,304


6. Nike: Take It To The Next Level

Shares: 163,775


5. Nike: Cristiano Ronaldo Leaves A Vapor Trail

Shares: 231,215


4. Diet Pepsi: Unbelievable David Beckham

Shares: 685,124


3. Pepsi Max: Oh Africa

Shares: 723,903


2. Nike: My Time Is Now

Shares: 958,056


1. Nike: Write The Future

Shares: 2.01 million