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Samsung Mobile Is The Number One Handset Brand In Social Video Advertising

Samsung is not only the talk of this week’s Mobile World Congress – it’s also the number one handset brand in social video advertising.

The annual trade conference may have just kicked off, but already the South Korean giant is dominating the headlines, thanks to its recently-unveiled enormous mobile-tablet hybrid, the Galaxy Note 8.0, and the upcoming flagship phone, the Galaxy S4.

But as well as being big in Barcelona, Samsung Mobile’s ads also dominate the social web. Looking at the most shared handset social video ads of all time, the South Korean tech brand has more than half of the entries in the top 20, generating almost twice as many shares (3.05 million) as its nearest competitor, Nokia.

The second-placed Finnish brand has been creating quite a Spanish stir itself following the launch of four new handsets, including a £13 model and the new £120 Lumia 520.

Their ads have also generated a lot of interest across the web over the last few years. Altogether, four videos from the Finnish company appear in the top 20 most shared handset ads of all time, attracting over 1.54 million shares between them.

In terms of the number of shares generated, Apple surprisingly only come in third, its one ad in the top 20 – Introducing Siri On The iPhone 4S – attracting more interest on Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere than Sony’s two entries (340,039) and Blackberry’s one addition, Sneak Peek at the Blackberry 10, which generated almost 90,000 shares.

The top 5 handset brands, by the number of shares and entries in the top 20, are below. You can also watch the top 5 mobile ads after the jump.

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Top 5 mobile brands (by total number of shares in the top 20)

1. Samsung

– 11 videos


2. Nokia

– 4 videos


3. Apple

– 1 video


4. Sony

– 2 videos


5. BlackBerry

– 1 video



Top 5 Most Shared Mobile Ads

1. Samsung: Unleash Your Fingers – 773,106 shares


2. Nokia: deadmau5 lights up London with amazing 4D projection – 669,631 shares


3. Apple: Introducing Siri on iPhone 4S – 537,577 shares


4. Samsung Galaxy SIII: The Next Big Thing is Already Here – 478,139 shares


5. Nokia: Dark Knight Rises Special Trailer – 419,651 shares