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Budweiser Is Most Shared Social Video Brand Of Super Bowl 2013

Budweiser is the most shared social video brand of Super Bowl 2013. According to data compiled by the Unruly Viral Video Chart, the beer brand’s video ads attracted the most shares across the social web*.

Driven by the runaway success of ‘Brotherhood’ – the 14th most shared ad of all time – Budweiser attracted 2,087,488 shares, 434,250 shares ahead of Ram Trucks, in second spot.

The CPG brand’s success breaks Volkswagen’s social video dominance at the Super Bowl. The German autos manufacturer was easily the most shared brand in Super Bowls 2011 and 2012, but dropped down to fifth in 2013.

Despite dominating the last few years, the only other motor brands to appear in the top 10 are Mercedes-Benz and Jeep.

Movie studios Universal, who released various trailers for Fast & Furious 6, and Paramount, whose trailers for the latest additions to the Iron Man and Star Trek franchises have attracted a lot of chatter online, were third and fourth respectively.

The online success of Taco Bell’s outrageous ad, Viva Young, helped the American fast food chain finish sixth, while GoDaddy.com, despite attracting widespread criticism for its ads Perfect Match and Fly The Danica Skies, finished in 10th spot.

Brands which did not make the top 10 include Audi, Coca-Cola, Kia and Toyota.

Other social video insights from Super Bowl 2013 include:

  • Ram was the one-hit wonder of Super Bowl 2013. Despite not releasing a pre-game teaser in the build-up to Super Sunday and not launching their game day ad online until the day of the big game, ‘Farmer’ was the second most shared ad of Super 2013 (1,653,238), giving the brand the highest average share of any SB advertiser (22.4%);
  • Auto brands lost ground to CPG, with Volkswagen, the most shared Super Bowl brand of 2011 and 2012, languishing in fifth. There are four motors brands in the top 10 most shared;
  • Hyundai released 10 videos, which attracted a total of 28,248,717 views, but only 107,852 shares – a share rate of 0.4%;
  • Both Pepsi and Sodastream’s ads attracted more shares and views than Coca-Cola;
  • Wonderful Pistachios’ hotly-anticipated ad, featuring Gangnam Style star Psy, failed to perform, attracting only 57,284 shares, from its 2,702,749 views – a share rate of 2.1%.

Dan Best, Planning and International Activation Director at Unruly, said: “While the passive viewing figures of the Super Bowl on network TV are impressive, the buzz around the campaign happens online, where conversations and social sharing turn the spark of popularity into an online phenomenon.

“Creating contagious online content won’t work by just getting the biggest celebrities or YouTube stars to promote your brand, it is about creating a powerful emotional connection with your audience.

“Budweiser did just that. Their ad, Brotherhood, really touched a nerve, becoming the third most shared Super Bowl ad of all time within just five days, easily doubling the number of shares The Force attracted in the same period in 2011.”

Sarah Wood, Unruly COO and co-founder, added: “2013 saw a change of approach for some of the Super Bowl stalwarts. Last year’s most successful ads involved tail-wagging dogs and dancing polar bears. This year, while Bud’s nostalgic Clydesdales made a strong emotional connection and Kia launched babynauts and pandanauts into space, brands such as VW and Taco Bell created edgier, higher risk content in a bid to break through the clutter of cute.

“If 2012 was the year of the Dog (with VW’s Barkside and Skechers Mr Quigley stealing the show), then 2013 was the Year of the Horse, with RAM and Bud both making use of cute colts and agrarian myths of American identity to win the hearts and minds of the Super Bowl audience.”

* Share and views data compiled from the Viral Video Chart on February 7, 2013.